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The Legendary Inflatable Shark & Fast Food Restaurant Signs Photographs

Recently my friend Maiken had her first child, a lovely daughter named Lily. Maiken is older than the traditional first mother and was very lucky and grateful to have this beautiful daughter. One of the first projects Maiken did for her baby was solicit advice or personal sayings from her friends. This project evolved into making a book with these comments and combining the quotes with a photograph of the corresponding friend.

I don't remember what advice I had to share. Like college, I threw something together at the last minute, hoping to get at least a C-.

A few weeks later I received a package with a disposable camera and the instructions to take a couple pictures of myself for her book project. This generated a lot of discussion between Karen and me -- what kind of picture should we take, where should we take it, what kind of clothes should I wear? After a while, in a fit of whimsy, I said I wanted to go buy a large inflatable shark and have my picture taken in front of the signs in front of all the fast food restaurants in Tallahassee. We laughed and sort of stopped thinking about it for a while.

The next day Karen brought up the inflatable shark idea again. She really liked it. So we settled that the next day we'd do it. We found the greatest inflatable shark at Toys R Us and sat in the car in the parking lot taking turns inflating it.

Just across the street from Toys R Us is a Long John Silver and after that we just kept going until we either ran out of exposures, fast food restaurants or steam. Actually, it was a combination of all three. It was a great day and we shared a lot of laughs as we drove around town manically looking for just a few more fast food restaurants..

Much thanks to Karen for being my photographer, inspiration, and parnter in crime. Thanks also to Maiken for being creative and responding to our call asking if we could do something sort of whimsical with "Whatever you want, have fun.".

So without futher explanation, click here to begin the tour of...
The Legendary Inflatable Shark & Fast Food Restaurant Signs Photographs