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The following is an actual email I received

This was the first contact the guy made with me. No trade was made.

Subj: DUDE!!
Date: 9/11/2000 11:39:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time

You have a really awesome list. I am sort of a new trader and would
like to set up a trade with you. I have three Black Sabbath shows from
the Ozzfest Reunion Tour and a couple of Marrilin Manson things but the
sound is kind of crappy. Can I get these? Only use either Mitsui or Kodak Gold discs


05/25/1979, Solo and Q&A with Music Students, GIT, Los Angeles, CA, 45 Min, Aud, B CDR
11/02/79, Berliner Jazzstage, Berlin, 73 Min, FM, A, CDR
1982, Albion College, Albion, MI, Aud B/B- 2CDR
01/10/82, WOM, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Beverly Hills, CA, approx 90 Min, Aud, B+, 2CDR
04/12/82, Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO, AUD, 115 Min A-/B, 2CDR
06/27/82, WOM, Avery Fischer Hall, NYC, 90 Min, FM, A/A-, 2CDR
07/1982, w/Big Band, Yokohama, Japan, 90 Min, Sdbd, A, 2CDR
09/01/82, WOM Big Band, Aurex Jazz Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 92 Min, Sdbd, A+, 2CDR
12/01/82, "The Birthday Party", Mr. Pips, Ft Lauderdale, FL, Aud, 92 Min, A- 2CDR
1983, w/ Band, Sweden, 60 Min, Sdbd, A, CDR
1983, "Live In Venice", Italy, 55 Min, Aud, C, 1CDR
1983, w/Mike Stern - 55 Grand, NYC, 1983, CDR
05/22/83, with Word of Mouth band and guest Kazumi Watanabe, Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, FM A 1CDR
05/22/83, with Word of Mouth band and guest Kazumi Watanabe, Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Pre-FM, same show as above but more complete, A+ 2CDR
07/02/83, London, 40 Min, B+, CDR
07/10/83, Concetgebouw, Den Haag, 45 Min, CDR
07/29/83, Pier 84, NYC, 20 Min, Aud, B- CDR
10/17/83, Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA, 94 Min, Sdbd(?), A 2CDR
10/19/83, New York, B 2CDR
10/21/83, w/ Big Band, Berklee Performance Ctr, Boston, MA , 45 Min, CDR
11/20/83, Beverly Center, Beverly Hills, CA, 70 Min, Aud, A- CDR
10/30/83, Early Show, University Club, Ann Arbor, MI, Aud B+ 1CDR
10/30/83, Late Show, University Club, Ann Arbor, MI, Aud B 2CDR

04/01/76, "Jaco's First WR Show", Ann Arbor, MI 90 Min, Sdbd, A-, 2CDR
04/24/76, Philadelphia, PA, 50 Min, CDR
05/30/76, Roxy, NYC, 70 Min, Aud, B, CDR
07/28-29,76, with John McLaughlin on the 29th, Hammersmith Odeon, 120 Min, Aud, B/B-, 2CDR
1976, "Live In Sweden", Krishanstad, Sweden, 72 Min, Sdbd, A/A- CDR
04/09/77, Royal Oak Theatre, Royal Oak, MI, Aud, A-, 2CDR
04/22/77, Berklee Performing Ctr, Boston, MA, Aud, 90 Min, A-/B+ CDR
05/05/77, Dade County Auditorium, Miami, FL, Aud, B, 2CDR
05/25/77, Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, AUD, A-/B, 2CDR
10/15/77, City Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, AUD, B 2CDR
1977, The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, 86 Min, Aud, B+/B, 2CDR
06/01/78, Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, Sdbd, A+/A CDR
06/26/78, Tokyo, Japan, Sdbd, A, 1CDR
06/28/78, Shinjuku, Japan, Aud, B+, 105 Min, 2CDR
09/29/79, Rockpalast, Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany 10/1978, Copenhagen, Denmark, Aud, B+, 90 Min 2CDR
11/10/78, Philadelphia, PA, 90 Min, Sdbd, A+ 2CDR
11/12/78, Veteran's Auditorium Providence, RI, 90 Min, 2CDR
11/28/78, Phoenix, AZ, 90 Min, Sdbd A++ 2CDR
05/26/79, The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 94 Min, A/A- 2CDR
06/17/79, The Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood, CA, 60 Min Aud B+
07/07/79, Hammersmith Odeon, London 90 Min Aud B 2CDR
Nov-1979, Detroit, MI Soundboard, 1CDR, A-
01/23/80, "Live Passage", Boston, MA, 90 Min, Aud, A-, 2CDR
02/01/80, Beacon Theatre, NYC, 90 Min, AUD, A- 2CDR
02/24/80, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, Aud, A-, 2CDR
02/26/80, Santa Cruz, CA, Aud, 90 Min A-/B, 2CDR
10/23/80, Mestre, Italy, Aud B/B- 2CDR
10/25/80, Palalido, Milano, 130 Min, Aud, B, 2CDR
10/27/80, Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italy, Aud 2CDR A/A-
10/31/80, Beogradshi, Poland, 40 Min, Sdbd, A- CDR
1980, Detroit, MI, Aud B, 2CDR
1980, Maui, Hawaii, Aud, 66 Min, A-, CDR
1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 50 Min CDR
06/21/81, The Third Annual Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood, CA, Aud, B, 1CDR
06/28/81, Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, IL, (aka "Chicago"), 90 Min Aud A- 2CDR
07/01/81, Eastman Theatre, Rochester, NY, 120 Min, Aud, A 2CDR
07/11/81, "Live At The Opera House" Boston, MA, 90 Min 2CDR


09/30/78, My Father's Place - WLIR Broadcast, Roslyn, NY FM A 1CDR
1981, Live In Japan, Osaka, Japan 70 Min SDBD A 1CDR

Peace Out, Kevin

"Everywhere you look, Boom! There it is"

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