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J. Gerren's CDR List

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Looking to trade high quality CD-R's & VCD's.

Please note - some of the information on the items listed below is based on whatever was provided by the trader I received the items from. I cannot guarantee that all of the dates and venues are correct.

- 07/1975, Boston, MA, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 11/07/00, Sticky Fingers, Goteborg, Sweden, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/24/01, Malmo, Sweden, FM, A 1CDR

- 1983, venue and location unlisted, SBD A/A-

- 07/15/83, Montreux Jazz Festival, The Casino, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1970, Idlewild South outtakes and demos, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1970, "Live At Ludlow Garage 1970", SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/26/70, SUNY, Stoneybrook, NY, remastered, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/1971, "New York City Blues", A&R Studios, NYC, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 04/01/71, Gatlinberg Tapes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 06/27/71, "The Last Serenade", Live at the Fillmore East, NYC, SBD A 1CDR - one of the best
- 09/16/71, "The Lost Warehouse Tapes", New Orleans, LA AUD B 2CDR
- 04/07/72, Manley Fieldhouse, Syracuse, NY, A/A-, SBD 2CDR
- 1973, Outtakes and Alternates from the "Brothers & Sisters" sessions, STUDIO, A- 1CDR
- 09/26/73, Winterland, SF, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/11/92, "Acoustic Evening", Rett Syndrome Benefit, venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1974, "Laid Back" Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1975, Musikladen, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1979, Central Park, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/04/82, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1977, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A/A- 1CDR
- 02/05/79, "To The Limit Tour", Amsterdam, Holland, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 04/19/80, Rockpalast, Essen, Germany, with Bill Bodine(B), Richie Hayward(D), Rick Hirsh(G), SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/29/80, Utrecht, Netherlands, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/13/92, "Something In The Air Tonight", Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/1999, BBC Radio Theatre, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1973, "Live On The Test", compilation of BBC performances, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CD
- 1975, Location Unknown, 25 Min SBD A 1CDR
- 07/23/78, Belmont Racetrack, Queens, NY, FM, A 1CDR
- 1979, BBC Rock Hour #15, University of Surrey, Gilford, UK, SBD, A 1CDR

- 2000, with Chambers, Fuzinscki, Beard & Garrett, Koln, Germany, PRE-FM SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 04/09/00, with same musicians as above, SJU Jazz Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands, SBD A 2CDR
- 04/20/00, same musicians as above, New Morning, Paris, France, AUD, A 2CDR

- 1999, Leverkeusen, Germany, PRE-FM SBD, A+ 1CDR

- "The 1968 Demos", Demos for material destined for The White Album, STUDIO, A to A- 1CDR - one of the best
- "A Hard Days And Nights", 1964, outtakes from the AHDN sessions, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Abbey Road, NW ", Studio Outtakes, highlight is an impromptu acoustic set by Paul with Donovan, A 1CDR
- "Abbey Road Video Show", soundtrack to video played for visitors to Abbey Road, approx 1983, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "All The Songs They Gave Away", comprehensive collection of songs composed by Beatles (together and apart) and performed by others, STUDIO, A to A- 4CDR
- "Alternate Hey Jude", Studio Outtakes and Alternate Versions, A 1CDR
- "Alternate White Album", Demos and Studio Outtakes, A 2CDR
- "Another Session Plus", very high quality Studio Outtakes, from throughout their recording history, STUDIO A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- "Anthology Extra", compilation of studio outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Anthology Plus", compilation of material from 1960 to 1969 not included on the official Anthology series, A, 2CDR
- "Attack Of The Filler Beebs", listed as "Secret and new found tracks, BBC live & interviews and rehearsals", London, UK, STUDIO,A to A-, 3CDR
- "Backtracks", Vol. 1, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Backtracks", Vol. 2, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Collection of Beatles Rarities", remastered edition of "the world's best Beatles rarities", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "The Complete Beatles On The BBC", 1963-1965, PRE-FM SBD, sound quality varies from A to B, 9CDR
- "Complete Christmas Collection", 1963-1969, compilation of annual Christmas flexi discs sent to fan club members, STUDIO, A- 1CDR
- "The Complete John Barrett Tapes", all of John Barrett's remastered tapes, Excellent, STUDIO, A, 3CDR
- "The Decca Audition Tapes", 1962, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Don't Touch That Dial!" The Radio Caroline Inteview, 1966. They all seem sort of stoned. FM, A 1CDR
- "Down In Havana", outtakes from Hey Jude sessions, etc, STUDIO A 1CDR
- "For No One - The Best Of The Beatles Private Home Recordings", 1960-1969, STUDIO/Home Studio, etc, A to B+ 1CDR
- "From Kinfaus To Chaos", the first disc is Lennon’s demos for the White Album recorded at George's house, second disc contains control room monitor mixes behind Yoko Ono interview, A/A-, 2CDR
- "Get Back - The Glyn Johns Final Compilation", 1969, Demos and original mixes of Let It Be album, London, STUDIO, 70 Min A CDR
- "Get Back - The George Martin Mix", 1969, Let It Be album as done by George Martin, London, STUDIO, 70 Min A CDR
- "Get Back: The Second Mix", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Have You Heard The Word", collection of historical outfakes and BBC material, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- "Highlights" Remastered Versions, career length retrospective of outtakes, etc, given the 20bit remastering treatment in 1999, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- It's Not Too Bad, 1967, evolution of Strawberry Fields Forever from John's early home demos to completed track, very interesting, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- "Last Year", compilation of material recorded from February, 1969 through January, 1970, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Leaning On A Lampost", Get Back era collection containing the only existing version of the Lennon compisition "Annie" written for Ringo, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "The Lost Pepperland Reel", 1967, BBC Broadcasts, Alternates and Outtakes, STUDIO/ SBD, A 1CDR
- "The One Before 911", July - October, 1963, outtakes from sessions for With The Beatles, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "March 5, 1963", complete sessions for the third single plus the Decca audition tapes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Men And Horses", 1CDR
- "Oopsology" - 4 CD collection of Beatles tracks processed through OOPS enhancing the instrumental portion, STUDIO, A 4CDR
- "The Peter Sellers Tape", I think the story on this one is this is a compilation of in-progress work from the - - White Album that Ringo gave to Peter Sellers, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Paul McCartney Is Alive And Well (Maybe)", WKBW radio special presenting all the evidence that Paul Is Dead, STUDIO, A- 1CDR, pretty funny
- "Posters, Incense And Strobe Candles", the WBCN broadcast of the Get Back Acetates, 1969, FM, A 1CDR
- "Revolution", Abbey Road Studios, 5/11/68, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Revolving", outtakes, etc from the sessions for the Revolver album, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Sergeant Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour", 1966-1967, Studio Outtakes from the Sgt Pepper and Magical Myster Tour sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Songs The Beatles Gave Away", STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Soul Sessions", Outtakes, etc from the sessions for Rubber Soul, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Turn Me On, Dead Man", The John Barrett collection of re-engineered and remastered Studio Outtakes, excellent, STUDIO, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 1, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 2, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 3, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 4, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 5, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 6, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters", Vol. 7, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- "Ultra Rare Tracks" Vol.s 3+4, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- The Ultimate BBC Sessions, 1962-65, STUDIO + SBD, A to A-, 10 CDR
- "The Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection", includes all Christmas messages and studio outtakes, etc, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "When I Get Older", supposedly a collection of Beatles projects in the 90's, mostly composed of Lennon's Dakota Demos (1977-1980) though there is one alternate mix of "Real Love" with different lead guitar lines, STUDIO, mostly A - A-, 1CDR
- "The White Album 30th Anniversary Radio Special", 1998, pre-release radio special featuring the story of the making of The White Album with many interviews with all the band members as well as others involved, and lots and lots of demos and outtakes. Highly recommended, STUDIO, A+ 2CDRs - one of the best
- "The White Sessions", two volume set (two discs each set) of White Album sessions, Volume One is demos and early versions from June through July, 1968, and Volume Two is Studio sessions from July through October, 1968, STUDIO, A 4CDR
- "You And Me, Babe", 1970-1995, STUDIO projects featuring a combination of more than one ex-Beatle, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1962, "Live At The Star Club", Hamburg, Germany, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 10/24/63, "The Stars Of '63", from "POP '63" Swedish Radio Show, Karlaplansstudio, Stockholm, Sweden, FM, A 1CDR
- 1963-1964, "Live On BBC TV", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1964, "All The Best From Australia - The Complete Festival Hall", Melbourne, Australia, TV, A 1CDR
- 1964+, The Ed Sullivan Shows, compilation of appearances, TV, A 1CDR
- 1964-65, The Paris Concerts, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 1965+, At The Hollywood Bowl, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 01/08/65, Palais De Sports, Paris, France, TV, A- 1CDR
- 1966, "Live In Japan", From the Tokyo Budokan performance, sounds like it's sourced from TV, B+ 1CDR
- 1969, "Complete Rooftop Concert" with Studio Outtakes filler London 70 Min SBD A 1CDR

- 1960's, "The Complete BBC Sessions", lots and lots of stuff (from 1963 to 1965) on one CDR in MP3 format. Disc also contains historical information. Sound quality is okay, not great. A 1CDR
- 1960's, "The Beatles Cartoon Show, Vol. One", 1VCD A- PRO
- 1960's, "The Beatles Cartoon Show, Vol. Two", 1VCD A- PRO
- 1960's, "The Beatles Cartoon Show " cd-rom, for PC, plays via Windows Media Player, A 2 CDR
- 1962-1970, "The German CD-Rom", a collection of music, video and text chronicling the Beatles years together and some significant Lennon events post break up. Very interesting but all of the text is in German, 1CD-Rom, A
- 1964, Live In Washington, DC on VCD, approx 60 minutes, 1VCD, PRO, B+
- 1964, "The Beatles Sing For Shell", Australian TV Special, 1VCD, PRO, B
- 1965, Live At Shea Stadium, NYC, I think this is the broadcast version shown on American TV, approx 60 min, A- 1VCD PRO
- 1966, "Circus Krone", German TV program with several opening acts including Chad & Jeremy, B+ 1VCD PRO
- 1966, "Live In Japan", includes a ten minute Japanese television special, A- 1VCD PRO
- 1969, "Get Back Book", a cd-rom book for the PC with text about and music from the Let It Be sessions, very interesting, A 1CDR
- 1969, "Let It Be", their last movie, approx 80 minutes, A- 1VCD PRO
- 1969, "Let It Be" cd-rom, full movie plus bonus footage for PC, plays via Windows Media Player, A+ 2 CDR
- 1969, "Thirty Days", full 17 CD set in good quality MP3 format, A 1CDR
- 1987, "The History Of Sgt. Pepper", documentary and interview program about the making of the classic album, playable on Windows Media Player, A 2 CD-Roms
- 1995, "The Beatles Anthology", the full documentary and interview series on two cd-roms in Real Player G8 format, viewable only on PC's. Approximately ten hours. Filler includes the full-length feature documentary "The Compleat Beatles", a documentary on the making of "A Hard Day's Night", short features on Richard Lester and the making of "Help!". Very highly recommended. A+++, 2 CD-Roms - one of the best
- 1999, The Beatles CD-Rom containing 26 Full Albums with lyrics and album cover artwork, sound quality is okay, but not great. Also, the Hollywood Bowl is STUDIO versions of the songs. (PC version), A, 1 CD-Rom

- "Paul's Boutique Demos", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Alternative License To Ill", early version with alternative lyrics and mixes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Beastie Beats", Zurich, Switzerland, date unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/26/96, "Lollipop", Stockholm, Sweden, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/14/97, Santa Cruz Civic Ctr, Santa Cruz, CA 70 Min SBD A CDR
- 08/07/97, Devil's Tooth, Morning KROQ broadcast of show at John Anson Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, with filler from LA, 12/05/97, SBD, A+ CD
- 12/16/97, "Opening For Bob Dylan", El Rey Theatre, LA, CA, AUD, A-/B+ 1CDR
- 09/05/97, Sessions @ West 57th, Complete Show, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 08/1999, "Fake ID", Einslive, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1968, "Return Of The Axe Murderer", Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart, BBC Session, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/04/69, "Return To Newport", Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart, Newport Jazz Festival, with additional tracks from BBC sessions, 1967-1968, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 10/27/7?, Jeff Beck Group, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 1CDR - came to me listed as 1971 but they also do some songs from Blow By Blow -- Poss. 74/75?
- 1974-76, "Blow By Wired", Studio Outtakes from the "Blow By Blow" and "Wired" album sessions, STUDIO, A-/B, 1CDR
- 1975, "Jamming With The Rolling Stones", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1975-1994, "Official Collaborations" with Stanley Clarke, collection of various recordings from each other's studio projects, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1977, Walden Sessions, unreleased STUDIO project with Narada Michael Walden, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1978, "Jelly Jam", with Stanley Clarke, studio outtakes, B 1CDR
- 11/26/78, with Stanley Clarke, New Jersey, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 1985-86, Flash Works, outtakes from the Flash sessions, A/A-, STUDIO, 2CDR
- 1986, "Lotus Gem, live in Japan with Santana & Steve Lukather, SBD, A, 2CD
- 10/10/99, Shepherd's Bush, London, UK, SBD, A 2CDR
- 2000, "Tokyo Y2K", Tokyo, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1970's-1980's, "Sessions Volumes 1 + 2", collection of unreleased studio sessions from various years, STUDIO, A to B, 2CDR - some great stuff.

- 1973, Beck, Bogert & Appice, "Working Version", Unreleased 2nd Album (with filler from live shows 1972, 1973 & 1974), STUDIO & SBD, A 1CDR

- 1960's - 1970's, "In Their Own Time", Compilation of BBC, Demos, Outtakes & Top Of The Pops performances, sound varies from A to B, 1CDR
- 1973, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR

- "B-Sides + Singles", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "The Black Sessions", no date or venue listed, SBD, A 1CDR

- 06/28/97, Bla Telt, Roskilde, Denmark, 45 Min PRE-FM SBD A- 1CDR
- 1999, Sessions, NYC, SBD, 1CDR, A

- 1977, Holland, SBD (?), B 1CDR
- 1977, "Mellow Guitar", Tokyo, Japan, SBD A 1CDR
- 1980, The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 05/15/88, "Collaboration Live In Tokyo", with Earl Klugh, Tokyo, Japan, SBD A

- 11/12/96, Quartet with Gary Novak, Ronnie Scott's Club, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1956-1973, "Our Little Rendezvous" compilation of radio appearances & other material, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/31/83, "King Biscuit Flower Hour", Glasgow, Scotland, PRE-FM SBD, A/A-, 1CDR

- 09/09/93, "Sugar Candy Kisses", The Kosmipolitan, Aarhus, Denmark, SBD, 70 Min A+ 1CDR
- 08/07/95, "Beauty And The Beast", The Warehouse, Toronto, Canada, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/21/98, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, with additional content from The Tibetan Freedom Concert - 06/16/95 and MTV Unplugged 1994, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/02/98, "The Icelandic Saga", Kritiansand, Norway, AUD, A-
- 1999, "The Mystic Of Iceland", Cambridge, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/18/01, The Hummingbird Center, Toronto, AUD, A- 2CDR (quiet crowd but echo)

- 08/24/95, venue and location unknown, SBD, A 2CDR

- 04/06/81, Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA (w/Dez on vox), SBD, A- 1CDR with additional material from 1984 Monterey, CA (w/Rollins on vox), AUD, B

- 12/20/70, Paris, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1978, Fresno, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 07/13/83, Soledad Prison SBD A-, with additional material from 1981 European tour, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 1984, "Live In 1984", no exact date or venue, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/16/84, Buffalo, NY, AUD, A 2CDR

- 12/31/79, Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1980, w/Robert Fripp, Hammersmith Odeon, London PRE-FM SBD A 2CDR

- 1972, no other information available, no David Clayton-Thomas, SBD, A 1CDR

B.L.U.E. (Bruford Levin Upper Extremities)
- 04/09/98, Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1979, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, opening act for Grateful Dead, SBD, A 1CDR

- 06/03/86, Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, 2CDR A
- 1993, Live performance at Tower Records, Chicago, IL SBD A 1CDR

- 1972, "Bang-A-Gong: Electric Warrior Outtakes", Excellent sounding studio sessions, very interesting to hear "Bang A Gong" evolve, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR - one of the best

See also James Gang
- 06/01/71, with Steig, Hammer, Cobham & Gomez, NYC, SBD, B-/C, 2CDR
- 1974, "Fusion Jam" Studio Outtakes with Alphonse Mouzon, Excellent jamming, STUDIO, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1973/74 - "Rarities", 1-5 with James Gang on DKRC, 6-10 with Deep Purple, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/20/99, Live At Izzy's, New York City, NY, AUD, A/A-, 1CDR
- 05/06/00, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, AUD, A/A-, 1CDR
- 10/20/00, Quartet, Leverkusen, Germany, PRE-FM SBD, A+ 1CDR

- 04/15/68, The Matrix, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1977, King Biscuit Flower Hour, SBD, 1CDR

- 1972, "Rock And Roll Suicide", Santa Monica, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1980, "Vampires Of Human Flesh: Scary Monsters Sessions", STUDIO, sound quality ranges from B to D- (peak level distortion)
- 04/27/83, "The Serious Moonlight Rehearsals" - with Stevie Ray Vaughan on Guitar, Las Calinas Soundstage, Dallas, TX, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1983, "Modern Love Tour", Location and venue unknown, SBD A 1CDR
- 08/30/87, "Never Let You Down Tour", Montreal, Canada, SBD 2CDR A
- 1990, "Sound + Vision Tour", Japan, 1990, A 1CDR
- 06/22/96, Loreley, Germany, SBD A 2CDR

- 1977, The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/31/78, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1982(?), "Masques Off", venue unknown 73 Min SBD B+ CDR

See also Joni Mitchell and Jaco Pastorius
- 11/04/96, Quartet feat. DeJohnette/Calderazzo, BBC Radio 3, London 76 Min PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 02/11/97, Quartet with Pat Metheny, Theater of Arts, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, 2CDR A
- 2000, Quartet with Metheny, Goldings & Stewart, Vienna, PRE-FM SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 2000, Quartet with Metheny, Goldings & Stewart, Warsaw, U, 2CDR
- 07/15/00, Special Quartet with Pat Metheny, North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands, SBD A 1CDR
- 07/16/00, Special Quartet with Pat Metheny, Perugia, Italy, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/01/01, Quintet feat. Calderazzo, McLaughlin, Genus & Watts, Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco, SBD, A+ 2CDR - excellent sound and performances

- 05/1981, Roppongi Pit-Inn, with Marcus Miller on bass, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 1978-79, "Live In Japan", Japan SBD A 2CDR

- 10/01/69, "Sex Machine", Bell Auditorium, Augusta, GA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/24/71, The Apollo Theater, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR

see also King Crimson and B.L.U.E.
- 1999, Wavedon Stables, UK, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 01/25/99, First Set, Kuumbwa, Santa Cruz, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 01/25/99, Second Set, Kuumbwa, Santa Cruz, CA, SBD, A 2CDR

- 07/11-12/72, The Record Plant, NYC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 08/17/73, "Telecaster Country", My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/13/74, Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, Live In Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/14/77, Evanston, IL, SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/1978, Ft Worth, TX, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1979, The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/17/80, Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 1981, Toronto, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 11/22/81, Keystone Club, Berkeley, CA, AUD, A-, 2CDR
- 03/18/83, Niagara Falls, NY, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1984, Live In Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/24/85, Rockpalast, Hamburg, Germany, SBD A 1CDR
- 1986, Osaka, Japan, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/1986, McCabe's Guitar Shop, 2CDR
- 09/25/86, Tokyo, Japan, 1CDR
- 02/05/87, Rockerfeller's, Houston, TX, 2CDR
- 08/21/87, The Green, New Haven, CT, 1CDR
- 08/07/88, Last Live Show, Guilford, CT, SBD A 1CDR
- 1972-1987, "The WMNF Roy Buchanan Special", a five-disc retrospective of Roy's career composed almost entirely of unreleased and live material, AUD/SBD, A, 5CDR

See also Oteil & The Peacemakers
- 03/05/00, Oteil, Kraz & Friends, Izzy's Bar, NYC, AUD, A, 2CDR

- 05/17/88, The Ritz, NYC, AUD, A/A- 1CDR

- 1976, Quartet with Metheny, Swallow & Gottleib, Utrecht, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- "Ghosts", outtakes from the album "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts", STUDIO, A- 1CDR

(Dennis Chambers, Brian Auger, Bunny Brunel & Tony MacAlpine)
- 03/24/01, 1st Show, The Baked Potato, LA, CA, AUD, A 1CDR
- 03/24/01, 2nd Show, The Baked Potato, LA, CA, AUD, A 1CDR

- 04/12/00, "Live At Marytyr's", Chicago, IL, AUD, A 2CDR Great Stuff - includes an acoustic guitar trio version of "Bohemian Rhapsody"!

- 07/14/00, Trio, Den Haag, Netherlands, SBD, A 1CDR

see also The Crusaders and Robben Ford
- 09/30/78, My Father's Place - WLIR Broadcast, Roslyn, NY PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 12/1978, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1979, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/05/81, Kouseinenkin-Kaikan, Osaka, Japan SBD A 1CDR
- 08/19/83, Tralfmadore Café, Buffalo, NY, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1987, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/13/98, with Steve Lukather, The Blue Note, Tokyo, SBD, A 1CDR

- 08/18/78, "Learner's Permit", San Francisco, CA with additional material from NYC 1978, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 1979, Musikladen, Germany, TV/SBD, A 1CDR

- 1957, The Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1950's - 1960's, Sun & Columbia Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 07/25/65, Newport, RI, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/24/01, Drum Clinic, Tucson, AZ, AUD, A 2CDR

see also Quincy Jones
- 1950's, Studio Rehearsal, Ray on piano and vocals and an additional unknown male vocalist, very interesting, A 1CDR
- 07/05/58, Newport, RI, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1962, Berlin, Germany, excellent sound, highly recommended, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1964, "L.A. 1964", venue unknown, A 1CDR
- 10/22/66, Palais Des Sports, Paris, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/08/71, "Blue Connotations," Torino, Italy, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1975, Live In Japan, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/26/86, Toyohashi, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/05/88, Paul Masson Winery, Ca, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 10/14/89, The Gusman Center For The Performing Arts, Miami, FL, AUD, B 1CDR
- 11/8/90, Milano, Italy, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/18/92, Fraze Pavilion, Dayton, OH, AUD, B, 1CDR
- 1993, "Live 1993", no venue listed, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/30/95, JazzFest, New Orleans, LA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/27/98, with Big Band, Reno Hilton, Reno, NV, AUD, A/A- 1CDR
- 05/26/99, Clyde Auditorium, Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, with the BBC Big Band, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/16/00, "Live At The Avo Session", Basel, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/22/00, "Paris On My Mind", with The Ray Charles Trio, L'Olympia, Paris, France, SBD, A 1CDR
- ??/??/??, "It's A Blues Thing", with Esther Phillips on several songs, SBD, A 1CDR
- ??/??/??, "Rock + Soul = Genius", venue and date unknown, SBD, A 1CDR
- ??/??/??, Pori Jazz Festival, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/06/94, location and venue unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1996, "Live In Sweden", Stockholm, Sweden, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1999, "Homelands '99", Homelands, Scotland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/01/00, "Anti-Nazi League Mix For The BBC", a very good dj set broadcast live with lots of C.B. songs in the mix, London, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 1972, "Live In Japan", SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/13/72, NYC, SBD, A- 1CDR - date and venue are suspect
- 06/12/74, RFK Stadium, Washington, DC, SBD, A 1CDR = may be the same as KBFH Louisville, 1974
- 04/13/75, Beacon Theater, NYC, part of the "Three Nights At The Beacon" set (see Various Artists for additional information, SBD, A 1CDR

- 05/1941, Minton's Playhouse, NYC, with Dizzy Gillespie, Don Byas, Theolonius Monk, Nick Fenton & Kenny Clarke, SBD, A 1CDR - One Of The Best

see also Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Derek & The Dominoes and Cream
- 1970's, "Instrumental Blues Jams" - Best Buy bonus disc unknown venue 1970's 30 Min SBD A CDR
- 07/04/74, Columbus, OH, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 03/08/76, "Seaside Special", ABC Theater, Plymouth, UK, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 03/30/76, Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1978, "Super Golden Radio Show No 030", Santa Monica, CA, approx 45 Min, SBD, A 1CD
- 1982-1996, "TV Sessions... And More", compilation of various tv appearances including 05/08/85 David Letterman Show, 03/24/90 & 09/24/94 Saturday Night Live, and several others, TV Broadcast, A 2CDR
- 01/22/88, "Congratulations", Birmingham, UK, includes "A Remark You Made", AUD, 2CDR A-
- 01/31/88, Royal Albert Hall, London, with Mark Knopfler, includes "A Remark You Made", AUD, 2CDR, A-
- 10/10/88, with Jack Bruce & Others - The Bottom Line, NYC, 20 Min, SBD A CDR
- 02/10/90, "Orchestra Night", Royal Albert Hall, London, SBD, A 2CDR
- 01/16/92, "Acoustic Waltz", Unplugged Sessions, Mid Valley, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/15/93, "Gunfight At The Apollo, Apollo Theater, NYC with BB King, Albert Collins, & Buddy Guy, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/28/94, "Blues Rehearsals", SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 11/8-9/94, Nuthin' But The Blues, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 1996, "Duets", with Dr. John, VH-1 Performance, AUD, B 1CDR
- 07/1997, "Legends" w/ Marcus Miller, Joe Sample, David Sanborn, Viennes, France, 90 Min, SBD A 2CDR
- 07/04/97, "Monotheistic Stages - Pt. 1", Eric Clapton & Legends, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 07/08/97, "Eric Clapton & Legends", Wein Staatsoper, 100 Min, PRE-FM SBD, A, 2CD
- 07/11/97, Eric Clapton & Legends @ NSJF North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- 07/14/97, "Monotheistic Stages - Pt. 2", Eric Clapton & Legends, Venue Unknown, SBD, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 10/27/97, "Tokyo Fifth Night, Wonderful Night", Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/11/98, "Double Image", Edmonton Coliseum, Alberta, Canada, SBD, A 2CDR
- 12/17/98, "Christmas At The White House" with Sheryl Crow, Tracy Chapman & John Popper, actually contains only about a third of the actual Christmas special with the remainder composed of the 9/1/99 "After New Year's Special" and a the Concert for Monserrat, SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/01/99, "After New Year's Eve Special" originally broadcast on ABC TV with David Sanborn, D'Angelo, Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd and others, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/04/99, "Japan Tour Rehearsals", Los Angeles, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 11/24/99, "Throw Back", Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan, SBD A 2CDR
- 10/06/01, Reptile Tour, Estadio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, SBD, A 2CDR
- various dates, "Millenium Man" compilation, SBD/AUD, A 1CDR

- 1970, The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton: The Delaney Mix of his First Solo Album, STUDIO 45 Min, A- CDR - one of the best
- 1973/74(?), 461 Ocean Blvd - The Rehearsal Sessions Criteria Studios, Miami, FL 45 Min STUDIO B+ CDR
- 08/1974, "Apartment Jam", with Leon Russell at Leon's apartment, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 03/30/76, "The Slowhand Master File #4 - No Reason To Cry Outtakes", STUDIO, A 2CDR
- 01/1980, "Turn Up Down", Another Ticket Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 12/1984, "Behind The Sun Sessions" London 60 Min STUDIO A-/B 1CDR
- 04-05/1986, August outtakes and different mixes, Sunset Sound Studios, LA, STUDIO, A- 2CDR
- 08/27/87, "Townhouse / Bob's Session", Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- 1989, "Journeyman Outtakes", The Power Station, NYC, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 09/04-07/92, "The History Of Eric Clapton", Westwood One Radio Network music and interview career retrospective, STUDIO/SBD, A 6CDR
- 06/28/97, "Pilgrim Master Mixes", STUDIO A 1CDR
- 03/28/00, "Buddy Holly Tribute" with JJ Cale & The Crickets, O'Henry Studios, N. Hollywood, CA, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1970's-1990's, "Unreleased Rare Trax", STUDIO/SBD, A 4CDR

ERIC CLAPTON - Multi-Media
1960's-1990's, "The Cream of Clapton", compilation of live and television performances with The Yardbirds, Cream and solo, PRO/Excellent, A 1VCD

- 03/10/01, Chicago, IL, with Charlie Hunter(8-string G), DJ Logic(Turntables), Robt. Walter(Kbds) & Skerik(Sax), Excellent AUD, A 2CDR

see also Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, Rites Of Strings, Return To Forever, New Barbarians, Santana, and Wayne Shorter
- 1977/1980Compilation Montreux, Switzerland 1977 & 1980 40 Min SBD A CDR
- 10/24/79, Ebbett's Field, Denver, CO, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 09/21/79, "Money Made Us Flexible", The Palladium, NYC, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 05/20/82, "Police And Thieves", The Lochem Festival, Holland, SBD A- 1CDR

- 06/01/84, Phillipshalle, Duesseldorf, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1982, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Poughkepsie, NY, FM, A 1CDR
- 10/20/83, Rockpalast, Lorelei, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- dates unknown, 1) Drum Clinic, AUD, A; 2-4) The Baked Potato, LA, CA with Garfield & Pena, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/13/00, with Mathieson, LaBoriel & Landau, The Baked Potato, LA, AUD, A 1CDR - really the same group as Mathieson's "Dyno-Four"

- 1995, Megamix of Ninjatune artists, 30 Min STUDIO, A

- 08/16/92, Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/09/93, Warner Theater, Washington, DC, SBD, A 1CDR

See also Miles Davis
- 11/23/61, Stockholm, Sweden, with Eric Dolphy, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/23/63, with Quintet, The Half Note, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/26/65, Antibes, France, SBD, A 1CDR

- 01/12/63, Harlem, NY, SBD, A 1CDR

See also Return To Forever
- 1986, "Live Under Sky", Tokyo, Japan 70 Min SBD A 1CDR
- 10/15/90, London, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/03/93, Quintet with Vinnie Colaiuta, The Blue Note, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/31/93, Time Warp Band, Keil, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/27/93, with Elektric Band II, Osaka Sankei Hall, Osaka, Japan, AUD, B 2CDR
- 11/17/93, with Elektric Band II, Boulder, CO, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1994, with Elektric Band II, Warsaw, Poland, PRE-FM SBD A 2CDR
- 02/29/96, with Bob Berg, James Genus & Gary Novak, Binghampton, NYC, SBD, A+ 2CDR - Excellent

- 06/17/94, w/ Jeff Berlin, Alphonse Mouzon Detroit,MI, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 1998, 11th House, Sweden, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/06/00, with Wertico, Cohart & Julian Coryell, Live Jazz Showcase, Chicago, IL AUD A 2CDR

See also Paul McCartney
- 12/5/77, "No Dancing", Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/7/77, "Some Like It Hot, Hot Club, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1977-1983, Radio Sessions with The Attractions, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1978, "Crawling Through America", 3/3/78, CW Post College, Greenvale, NY and 7/2/78, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/12/79, Pennsylvania, FM, A 1CDR
- 1984, "The Gangster Is Back", Austin, TX, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1987, London Royal Theatre, London, UK, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 11/12/99, w/ Steve Nieve Newcastle City Hall, SBD, A, 2CDR

1987, North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1994, "Teen Angst - Live In The USA", venue, location and exact date unknown, SBD A 1CDR

- 10/15/67, Grand Ballroom, Detroit, MI, 90 Min SBD A- 2CDR
- 1993 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Rehearsals Cleveland, OH 67 Min SBD A- CDR

See also John Fogerty
- 1968-1969, "High Tide" compilation of performances on The Johnny Cash show (1968), The Fillmore West (7/4/68) and Woodstock (8/17/69), SBD, sound varies from A to B+ 1CDR
- 01/30/70, "The Concert", Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 1970, Fantasy Studios, Berekeley, CA, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 03/1970, "Proud Mary", The Fillmore East, NYC, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/14/70, "Crackin' Up". Royal Albert Hall, London, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 07/04/71, "Last Exit" Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 70 Min SBD A 1CDR
- 02/29/72, "Earthquake", Tokyo, Japan, SBD, B 1CDR

- 07/1982, "Something's Gonna Happen", The Bottom Line, NYC, FM, A-, CDR
- 07/1982, BBC College Concert, My Father's Place, Roslyn, NYC, FM, A 1CDR (TAO)
- 12/02/83, location unlisted, plus 1982 NJ and 1982 SF, CA. SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/02/85, Mohawe Valley Community Center, Utica, NY, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, The Agora, West Hampton, CT, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, West Hartford, CT, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1992, Mountain Stage, West Virginia, A 1CDR
- 1992, "All Star Rent Party", with others, Hungerthon Benefit, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/14/94, San Francisco, CA, A 1CDR
- 12/1999, "Live At Johnny D's", Cambridge, MA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1971, "I Only I Could Remember My Name" sessions, STUDIO, A 2CDR

- 1971, BBC, Royal Festival Hall, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/11/71, "A Very Stoney Evening", AUD, A- 2CDR
- 03/26/72, Prison Benefit with Neil Young, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, FM, A 1CDR

CROSBY, STILLS NASH & YOUNG (and variations)
- 1968-1989, "Five Way Street", various studio & live, SBD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 1969, "CSN - The 1969 Unreleased Version", demos, alternates, and "Frozen Noses" material, plus some bonus material including Neil Young, STUDIO, A+ to A-, 1CDR
- 1969, "The Halverson Tapes", compilation of several live sets, A, 2CDR
- 1969, "Detroit Experience", Detroit, MI, AUD, A 1CDR
- 08/17/69, Woodstock, Bethel, NY, the full set, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/13-14/69, Big Sur Folk Festival, CA, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 12/14/69, Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/21/69, Balboa Stadium, San Diego, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1970, "Another Four Way Street", various locations on the 1970 tour, A 2CDR
- 06/03/70, The Fillmore East, NYC, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 06/7+26+28/70, Bill Halverson Tape (Acoustic), SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/28/70, "Redwoods", LA Forum, Los Angeles, 1CDR
- 06/30/70, Lakehurst, New Jersey, SBD A 2CDR
- 03/26/72, CN&Y, "Water Brothers", San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/04/73, "Winterland Reunion", Winterland, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1974, "The (Most) Complete 1974 Tour Anthology, SBD/AUD, Sound varies from A to B, 4CDR
- 07/13/74, "We Waited Three Years For This", Oakland, CA, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 09/08/74, Roosevelt Raceway, NY, SBD, A 3CDR
- 05/25/80, "Survival Sunday", CSN, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 19xx, "King Biscuit Flower Hour" SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 06/26/91, Paul Masson Winery, Saratoga, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- "Acoustic Harmonies", from a PBS special, SBD, A 1CDR
- "Lost And Found", various group and solo recordings, 1CDR
- "Rare And Unreleased", compilation of studio rarities from group and solo projects, STUDIO, A to A- 1CDR
- "Released Rarities", includes material from various appearances incl. Woodstock, No Nukes, etc, and studio rarities, SBD, A 2CDR
- "Rockline", around 1983, promoting "Allies" album, FM, A 1CDR
- "Storytellers", VH-1 concert program, SBD, A 1CDR
- "Wooden Nickel", live and studio material from the Déjà vu era, 1CDR

- 1990, Unreleased 1st Album, STUDIO, A 1CDR - interesting to hear how she went in a different direction
- 1999, "The Trinity Church Session", Trinity Church, Canada, sort of an unplugged concert, SBD, A 1CDR

- 11/22/86, "Live At CBGB's", NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/09/91, "Town And Country Club", London, UK, SBD, A 2CDR
- 11/26/91, "Live At The Ritz", NYC, SBD A 1CDR
- 1993, "Live In Europe, 1993", SBD A 1CDR
- 1994, "Acoustically Yours", compilation of acoustic performances, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/11/94, Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/21/96, "The Final Sessions", GLR Basement STUDIO, London, SBD A 1CDR
- 199X, "Paul Is Dead", fan club disc, SBD, A, 1CDR

- 1973, with Larry Carlton, The Gallery, Seattle, WA, SBD A- 1CDR
- 04/1977, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1978, Live In Japan Japan, SBD, A 1CDR

- 03/13/99, Cameo Theater, Miami Beach, FL, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/19/00, Brixton Academy, London, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/07/01, Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, AUD, A 1CDR

THE dB's
- 10/1981, "Let It dB", Friday's, Greensboro, NC, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1948-1949, NYC, half is The Miles Davis Nonet and the other half is Tad Dameron's Big Ten with Miles Davis, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1955-1956, The Making Of "Round About Midnight", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 07/03/58, Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, RI, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1958-60, Miles Davis All Stars featuring John Coltrane, recorded in NYC & Washington DC between 08/1958 and 02/1959, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CDR - one of the best
- 3/2/59 & 4/22/59, Columbia 30th Street STUDIO, NYC, The Making of Kind Of Blue, STUDIO sessions, A 1CDR
- 1960, Miles Davis Quintet: Green Dolphin Street, feat. John Coltrane, Holland, SBD, A, 1CDR - one of the best
- 03/24/60, Tivoli's Konsertal, Copenhagen, Denmark, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 04/08/60, Konserthuss, Stockholm, half with Coltrane, the other half with Sonny Stitt, Sweden, SBD, A+ 4CDRs - one of the best
- 05/16/60, Live At Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Hall, NYC, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/14/61, At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A+ 1CD
- 11/06/67, No Blues, Quintet with Hancock, Shorter, Carter and Williams, Paris, France, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1986, "King Of Priests", live and in the STUDIO, various dates during 1986 plus filler from 1966 and 1971, STUDIO and SBD, A 2CDR
- 04/06/86, with Robben Ford, Beacon Theater, NYC 80 Min SBD A 1CDR - one of the best
- 04/25/86, with Robben Ford, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Saenger Theater, LA, SBD A 2CDR - one of the best
- 06/13/86, with Robben Ford, San Diego, CA, 2nd Show, SBD A 1CDR
- 07/1986, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD A 1CDR
- 07/09/86, with Robben Ford, Jazz In Sardegna Fest, Cagliari, IT, AUD A- 2CDR
- 07/11/86, , North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Der Nederlands, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/15/86, with Robben Ford, Nice Jazz Fest, Nice, France, AUD A- 1CDR
- 07/20/86, with Robben Ford, Nice Jazz Fest, Nice, France, AUD A- 2CDR
- 07/28/86, with Robben Ford, Mira (Venice), Italy, AUD A 2CDR
- 08/29/86, with Robben Ford, Pittsburgh, PA, SBD A 2CDR
- 08/31/86, with Robben Ford, Detroit Jazz Fest, Detroit, MI, SBD A 2CDR
- 07/1988, Miles Davis Live, Avignon, France, SBD, A+ 2CD
- 07/21/89, Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux, Switzerland 110 Min SBD A 2CDR
- 1990, "Singin' In Singen", Singen, Germany, SBD A 1CDR
- 07/30/90, Hamburg, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1972, Machine Head Outtakes, alternate versions and outtakes, STUDIO A- 1CDR
- 05/22/74, London with 3 songs from 3/7/75, Paris, SBD A 1CDR
- 1975, "Days May Come", extended version of the "California Rehearsals" with several additional songs, STUDIO, A 2CDR

- 10/13/97, "Around The Max", Amsterdam, AUD, B 1CDR
- 05/23/98, "Close Encounters Of The Retard", Somerset, WI, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 08/22/98, Koln, Germany, SBD, B+ 1CDR

(with Pat Metheny [G], Herbie Hancock [K], & Dave Holland [B])
- 07/10/90, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/29/90, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR

See also Various Artists - Texas Int'l Pop Festival
- 11/1969, "On Tour Again With Eric", various venues in Germany, with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, and other, SBD, A to B+, 1CDR
- 07/21/71, A&R Studios, NYC, live radio broadcast with Gregg & Duanne Allman & King Curtis, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR

- 02/01/70, w/ Duane Allman Tampa, FL 75 Min AUD C CDR
- 10/16/70, Electric Factory, Early Show, Philadelphia, PA, AUD, 70 Min CDR, A-
- 10/23/70, "Live At The Fillmore", Fillmore East, NYC, first of two nights, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 10/24/70, "Live At The Fillmore", Fillmore East, NYC, second of two nights, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 1970, "Substance, Vol. 2 - The Unreleased 2nd Album", STUDIO, A+ 2CDR - one of the best

- 1976, The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, The Palladium, NYC, alternate version of King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast, SBD, A 1CDR

- "Lost Studio Sessions", date unknown (sounds like 1980's), STUDIO, A 1CDR with additional material from live show 9/14/85, San Diego, CA, 31 tracks total

- 02/24/00, The Groove, Orlando, FL, SBD, 3CDR

- 1977, El Mocambo Theater, Toronto, Canada, FM, A 1CDR
- 09/29/80, Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 01/24/81, Shibuya Hall, Tokyo, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/30/82, "Classic & Electric Guitars", Rocktempel, Amsterdam, Holland, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 02/17/79, Rockpalast, Cologne, Germany, STUDIO 2CDR A
- 08/05/85, Blossom Music Center, Ohio(?), SBD, 2CDR A
- 06/11/88, "Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday", with Eric Clapton, Wembley Stadium, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1992, "On Every Planet", Live In Europe, SBD A 2CDR

- 05/30/78, Lee Furr's STUDIO, Tucson, AZ, PRE-FM SBD/SBD, A 2CDR
- 1981, "Live In New York" NYC 70 Min SBD A ICDR

- 03/01/97, "Live At La Luna", Portland, OR, AUD, A 1CDR
- 04/21/97, Other Music, NYC AUD A 1CDR In-store appearance, he took records that people brought in with them and threw them in the mix --Really cool and fun.
- 10/30/97, Sound City, Oxford, UK, BBC Radio One broadcast, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 1997, "Camel Bobsled Race - Songs from the "Endtroducing" album Mixed by DJ Q-Bert", SF, CA, STUDIO, A CD
- 09/19/98, "Live On The Evening Session with Steve Lamacq", BBC Radio One," Live In-Studio "Miami Bass" Mix, FM, A 1CDR
- 1999, Homelands Festival, UK, PRE-FM SBD/SBD, 1CDR, A
- 2000, "Brain Freeze" with Cut Chemist, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR truly excellent mixing, composed entirely from songs on 7" 45 rpm records -- highly recommended for fans of turntable arts. - one of the best
- 2001, Product Placement" with Cut Chemist, sequel to "Brain Freeze", just as great, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR

- 1970, Pacific Recording Studios, San Mateo, CA, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1972, KSAN-FM Live Show, Pacific High Recorders, San Francisco, CA, FM, B+ 2CDR
- 1975, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Memphis, TN, SBD, 1CDR, A+
- 03/23/75, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1976, Philadelphia, PA, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 1978, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Oakland, CA, SBD, 1CDR, A+
- 1978, Canada Jam, Mosbrook Speedway, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 1979, Live! Wild West Coast, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, 1CDR, A
- 1982, King Biscuit Flower Hour, SBD, 1CDR, A+
- 01/30/93, Reunion Concert, Superstar Concert Series, SBD, 2CDR A+

- 1983, In Session with Johnny Winter, Toronto, Canada, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1990, London, UK, FM, A 1CDR

- 04-11/1962, Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 06/15-07/30/65, Highway 61 Revisited Again, Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR
- 07/25/65, "Newport", Newport, RI, SBD, A+ 1CDR - This is the Dylan goes electric show, hear the crowd goes nuts, after a couple of songs Dylan leaves the stage and there's almost a riot. The MC coaxes him out and he does an acoustic mini-set. Excellent sound, with unreleased studio material as filler.
- 1967, "The Genuine Basement Tapes", with The Band, STUDIO, A 5CDR
- 1969, "The Dylan/Cash Sessions, with Johnny Cash, Studio Outtakes and performances from "The Johnny Cash Show", SBD, A- 1CDR
- 05/1970, Columbia Studios, with George Harrison, Carl Perkins, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Grant and Billy Mundi, the only place I know of where you can hear Bob sing "Yesterday", great quality recording and fun to listen to, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/14/74, Paint The Daytime Black, The Forum, Inglewood, CA, early & late shows, A+ 2CDR
- 09/16-18/74, "Blood On The Tapes" - A&R Studios NYC, SBD, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 03/23/75, SNACK Benefit with The Band and Neil Young, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/11/83-05/08/83, "Rough Cuts: The Infidels Sessions", The Power Stations, NYC, with Mark Knopfler, Sly & Robbie, contains excellent electric version of "Blind Willie McTell", Studio, A 2CDR

- 05/04/73, BBC Sessions, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, "Vanishing Away", live on DKRC and other TV broadcasts, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/22/74, "Tales Of The Frontiers", Lennox, ME, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 1976, "Live In Houston 1976", Houston, TX, SBD, A 1CDR

- 11/12/99, Station Inn, Nashville, TN, SBD, A 2CDR
- 05/25/00, Warwick University, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1979, England, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 12/30/81, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, SBD, A+ 1CDR (this is the soundtrack from an HBO concert special and there's so much post production that it's practically a studio album)

- 1980's, "Coolin' Out" and "Don't Look Any Further", two out of print Motown albums, STU, A 1CDR

- 1974, Live On The BBC, Before they became a big pop band they were a pretty good rock band, London, PRE-FM SBD A 2CDR
- 1976, Guidhall, Portsmouth, UK, Westwood One Superstar Concert Series, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 2/3/76, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/1978, Wembley Stadium, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/24/01, "Live For PBS", location unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 01/07/99, Athens, GA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1975, "Super Golden Radio Show", Anaheim, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 03/08/83, Hollywood, CA, Sdb A- 1CDR

- 198X, "Oh L'Amour", venue unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1992, "Welcome To The Glitterdome" Live In Europe, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1985, Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR

- ????, with Scott LeFaro, "Birdland Sessions" PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR - one of the best
- ????, with Scott LeFaro, "My Foolish Heart" Rehearsal session A/A- (some very minor static) 1CDR

- 06/24/84, w/ Jaco Pastorius, Sweet Basil's NYC, AUD, A- 2CDR

- 1988, "Live And Wild", London, SBD, A with filler from a 1994 in-studio interview and unplugged performance at WDET-PRE-FM SBD, Detroit, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1973, BBC "In Concert" and Sessions, PRE-FM SBD/SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, Ooh-La-La Outtakes, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR
- 1974, "Real Good Time", Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 1975, "King Biscuit Flower Hour" California 40 Min PRE-FM SBD A CDR
- 09/23/75, New Orleans, LA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/31/98, "The Noisy Hour/The Bouncy Hour", two very different mixes from the same date, venue unknown, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1999, Live on The X, Atlanta, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR Brief interview and about 30 min of really fun mix with several of the FBS boot mixes - My Name Is Funk Soul Brother, Rockafaction, When Doves Cry - way too much fun

- 7/7/88, Detmold, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1988, Detroit, MI, AUD, B+ 1CDR
- 1992, "Horoscope", unreleased album, excellent, STU, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1994, Birmingham, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1994, Mamouna Tour, location and venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1995, Wolverhampton, UK & Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/1999, Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, SBD, A 1CDR
- 2000, "For Pleasure", Oslo, Norway, SBD, A 1CDR

- 08/1999, Garry Willis Ibanez Bass Clinic with Simon Phillips on Drums, Wilmington, Del, AUD, A 2CDR Warning -- this is so hot it may melt your speakers - one of the best
- 05/2000, Jazz Punk with Matt Garrison(B) & Elie Katz(Dr), Philadelphia, PA, AUD, A 2CDR
- 06/06/00, Jazz Punk with Matt Garrison(B) & Elie Katz(Dr), The Knitting Factory, NYC, AUD (sounds like a SBD), A 2CDR

- 02/18/93, The Nick, Birmingham, AL, SBD A 2CDR excellent
- 06/26/96, Indiana Roof Ballroom, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/28/97, Emerson College Studio C, radio session, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- 04/19/00, location and venue unknown, 3CDR

- 1973, "Buckingham & Nicks", Lindsey's and Stevie's first album before they joined PRE-FM SBD / STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1975, "King Biscuit Flower Hour" SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 1975, The Record Plant, LA, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1975, Todd Nossett Studios, Wallingford, CT, SBD A 1CDR
- 1977, "Rumours - The Other Side", Alternative versions and outtakes from the Rumours LP sessions, STUDIO A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1977, "Live In Sin City", Las Vegas, NV, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- 05/18/77, Oakland, CA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1979, "Tusk Rehearsals", Practice session for Tusk Tour, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 11/6/79, The Checker Dome, St. Louis, MO, SBD, A/A- 2CDR
- 1975-1999, Rarities, compilation of b-sides, remixes, dubs and live, sound ranges from good to A+, PRE-FM SBD, 3CDR
- 1982 & 1987, Superstar Concert Series, retrospective from the Westwood One radio series, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 1982-1990, Superstar Concert Series, retrospective combining highlights of performances by Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 1973, Madison Square Garden, NYC, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 1976, "Hoodoo", unreleased studio album including the "Evil Thing/You Got The Magic" single, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 08/18/00, Weeze, Germany, pretty raw and energetic set, SBD, A, 1CD

see also Miles Davis, George Harrison, Michael McDonald, Joni Mitchell, Boz Scaggs and The Yellowjackets
- 1977, Donte's, LA, with Larry Carlton, Joe Sample, Pops Popswell and Jeff Porcaro, AUD, A- 2CDR - one of the best
- 03/22/80, The Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA, with Ferrante, Haslip, Lawson & Landau, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1987, Musician's Institute, Los Angeles, CA, AUD, A 1CDR
- 1990, The Bottom Line, NYC, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/15/93, The Coachouse, San Juan Capistrano, CA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 08/12/94, Acoustic in-studio performance and brief interview, KINK-FM, SBD, Portland, OR, A 1CDR
- 1994 & 1995, "Live Foreign Tours", various venues in Europe, SBD A 1CDR
- 11/04/95, Club Metronome, Burlington, VT, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 12/06/96, House Of Blues (Sunset Strip), LA, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1997, "Ohne Filter", German TV Show, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/18/97, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A+ 2CDR One of my all-time favorite recordings
- 1998, Why Far, Leverkusener Bluesfestival, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 06/18/98, Hellendoorn, Netherlands, AUD, A 1CDR
- 06/24/99, Melusina, Luxenbourg, AUD, A 2CDR
- 03/16/01, La Trastienda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, AUD, A 1CDR
- 04/28/01, Groningen, Netherlands, AUD A 1CDR

- 01/29/01, Den Haag, Netherlands, AUDience shot digital video, AUD, A 1VCD

- 1971, with King Curtis, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1982, "With Crossfire Live", Sydney, Australia, with some rare bonus tracks as filler, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/19/89, Casino, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1970's, Studio Outtakes & Various Live, A 1CDR

- 07/02/93, with Kermit Driscoll and Joey Baron, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Sweden, FM, A 1CDR
- 10/22/99, with Greg Leisz, Victor Krauss & Brian Blade, P.A.C., Bellingham, WA, AUD, A 2CDR
- 06/15/01, with David Piltch, Greg Leisz & Kenny Wollensen, Yoshi's, Oakland, CA, AUD, A 2CDR

- 02/07/99, location and venue unknown, 2CDR

- 09/12/71, Meadowbrook, Rochestor, MI, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1994, BBC Radio One Live Broadcast mixed by Robert Fripp, FM, A 1CDR
- 1994, Tampa, Florida, 3D HeadSpace "Virtual" Tour, FM, A 1CDR
- 11/11/96, I.S.D.N. Show, Villa 65, VPRO Radio, Netherlands, STUDIO, A+ CDR

- 01/20/01, Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA, Fareed Haque(G), Kai Eckhardt(B), Alan Hertz(D), Eric Levy(Kbd), Mark Edwards(Vox), Fly(Turntables & FX), very cool, AUD, A 3CDR

- 1996+, "B-Sides Collection", compilation of b-sides, STU, A 1CDR
- 06/20/98, "Push It", Loreley, Germany, SBD, 1CDR A
- 09/30/98, The Reading Festival, UK, SBD A 1CDR includes several b-sides, soundtrack songs and remixes as filler
- 1999, Edinburgh, SBD, A 1CDR

- 06/14/97, Salzau, Germany, Quartet with Kenny Kirkland (P), Nat Reeves (B), & Jeff "Tain" Watts (D), SBD, A 1CDR

(John Abercrombie, Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette)
- date and venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1982, "Sexual Healing Tour", Europe, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, "Live In 1983", no venue or location listed, SBD A- 1CDR smooth performance, does all the big hits

- 06/22/01, Royal Albert Hall, London, AUD, A 1CDR

- 04/18/96, Pittsburgh, PA with additional material from 2/9/96 Pittsburgh, SBD, A+ 2CDR

THE GOON SHOW - Multi-Media
- 1950's + 1960's, a couple dozen full shows in MP3 format, BBC radio comedy program featuring Peter Sellers & others, heavily influenced Monty Python + The Beatles, STUDIO, A 2 CD-Roms

- 03/30/70, University of Hawaii, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/18/71, "Live Album II", Osaka, Japan, SBD A 1CDR
- 12/23/72, "The ABC In Concert Recording", Madison Square Garden, NYC, PRE-FM SBD, A-/B+ 1CDR
- 06/01/74, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1969 + 1996, "Now & Then", 12/69, SUNY Gym, Stonybrook, NY & 07/02/96, Milwaukee Summerfest, SBD, A 1CDR

- 03/25/83, The Peppermint Lounge, NYC, AUD, B+ 2CDR

- 10/1967, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1973, "Heaven Knows", Live In Nashville, TN, SBD, A/A- 1CDR (some applause cuts and fade-outs between songs)

- 03/29/90, with Branford Marsalis, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, SBD, A 3CDR

- 02/1996, The Melody Club, Stockholm, Sweden, SBD A 1CDR

- 1973, Soul! WNET, NYC, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 10/08/74, Midnight Special, SBD, A 1CDR with filler two songs by Minnie Ripperton, 12/21/74, Soul Train
- 06/21/87, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 1CDR (one continuous track)

- 1977, "Hot Dawg Outtakes", sessions from one of my all-time favorite albums, STUDIO A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 04/02/77, The Back Room, Santa Cruz, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 05/28/77, The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 06/09/92, KPFA-FM Studios, Berkeley, CA, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/04/96, High Sierra Music Festival, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/16/99, Set II, Fairbanks, AK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/23/01, Wintergrass, Tacoma, WA, "DGQ 25" set includes reunion with Rice, Angor & Marshall - killer!, SBD, A 2CDR
- 03/24/01, Suwanee Springfest, Live Oak, FL, AUD, A 2CDR

- 01/16/99, Pearl Street, Nolto, MA, SBD, A 2CDR

- 05/22/72, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/17/73, Bradley Center, Peoria, IL, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 05/06/74, Ambassador Theater, St. Louis, MO, FM, A 2CDR
- 09/1974, The CNE, Toronto, Canada, SBD, A 2CDR
- 01/1975, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/06/75, Electric Lady Recording Studio, FM, A 1CDR

- 1996, with David Gilmore, Bill Evans & Jim Beard, LBBW Jazz Open, Stuttgart, Germany, SBD, A+ 1CDR - Excellent

- 06/1989, Live At Legends with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chicago, IL, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/1991, with Johnny Winter, "Living Legends", The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, SBD A 1CDR

(Charlie Haden [b], Ernie Watts [ts], Lawrence Marable [d] & Alan Broadbent [k])
- 6/11/99, Europe, venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR
- date, venue and location unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1983, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1- 998, venue and location unknown, with Neal Fountain (B), Marcus Williams(D), and Dr. Dan Magnasso(Kbds) -- Good Stuff!! SBD, A 1CDR

See also Jack DeJohnette, Joni Mitchell, Santana
- 1976, w/ Pastorius, B. Maupin & J. Levi California 73 Min AUD A- CDR
- 1977, Trio with Ron Carter (B) and Tony Williams (D), STUDIO A+ 1CDR
- 02/16/77, w/ Pastorius, B. Maupin & J. Levi Chicago, IL, 60 Min PRE-FM SBD A++ CDR one of the best
- 02/21/77, w/ Pastorius, B. Maupin & J. Levi Champaign, IL or Atlanta, AUD, A-, 2CDR
- 02/24/77, w/ Pastorius, B. Maupin & J. Levi Kalamazoo, IL, AUD A- 1CDR
- 07/23/77, VSOP Quintet w/Shorter, Williams, Carter & Hubbard - Denon Coliseum Tokyo, Japan 70 Min SBD A CDR
- 1979, VSOP, "Live Under Sky, Tokyo, SBD, 70 Min, A CD
- 05/20/80, with Carlos Santana, Stanley Clarke, Alphonse Mouzon, Jon Lucien & others, Los Angeles, CA, PRE-FM AUD, A 2CDR absolutely killer show - highly recommended
-1977, Trio with Ron Carter (B) and Tony Williams (D), STUDIO A+ 1CDR
- 07/26/81, with Carlos Santana, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter and Tony Williams, Live Under Sky, Japan, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1984, Rockit Band, Tokyo, SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 1991, Juan Antibes Les Pins, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1991, Quartet with Shorter, Clarke & Hakim, Glasgow, Scotland, SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 10/24/91, Quartet with Shorter, Clarke & Hakim, Scala Kongresova, Warsaw, Poland, FM, A 1CDR
- 06/27/97, New Standards All-Stars, feat. John Scofield, Dave Holland, Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette & Don Alias, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 10/02/98, w/ Headhunters, Alachua Music Harvest Gainesville, FL 110 Min SBD A-
- 11/04/99, Gershwin's World Live, Berlin, Germany, PRE-FM SBD A+ 1CDR
- 07/09/02, with Michael Brecker (S), Roy Hargrove (T), George Mraz (B) & Willie Jones (D), Barbican Center, London, UK, Pre-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/11/01, "Down Under & Acoustic", SBW Independent Theatre, Sydney, Australia, SBD A 1CDR

See also Paul Simon and Traveling Wilburys
- 1974, Washington, DC, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 11/22/74, "Ft. Worth Express", Ft. Worth, TX, with Ravi Shankar, AUD, A 2CDR
- 11/30/74, Chicago, IL, with Robben Ford (G), fade outs between songs, AUD, B, 1CDR
- 12/03/91, Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan, with Eric Clapton and Band, SBD, 2CDR A
- "All Things Must Surface - The Making Of All Things Must Pass", Outtakes, plus an interview with GH from 2/15/01 discussing the re-release of the album, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Alternates & Acetates", Studio Outtakes and WIP, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Alternates & Acetates II", Studio Outtakes from the ATMP Sessions, STUDIO, A/A- 1CDR
- "Arnold Grove", collection of rare unreleased recordings, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Beware of Abkco", ATMP outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "The George Harrison Story", 02/01/77 BBC Radio One GH career retrospective, SBD, A 2CDR
- "The Hari-Spector Show", 1970-1974 collaborations of GH and Phil Spector, also includes demos from the Harrison produced projects with Splinter and Ravi Shankar, STUDIO, A 1CDR - one of the best
- "Living In The Alternate World", demos and alternates from the 1973 Living In The Material World sessions, A 1CDR
- "Pirate Songs", Compilation of unreleased songs, outtakes and other rarites, SBD/STUDIO, sound varies from A to B, 1CDR - one of the best
- "Shanghai Surprise", unreleased soundtrack from the movie, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Through Many Years", retrospective of rare STUDIO recordings, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "A True Legend", compilation of previously unreleased material, SBD/STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 12/31/78, Seattle, WA, New Year's Eve Show, SDB, A 2CDR

- 1984, Arcata, CA with Michael Manring, SBD, A 2CDR
- 02/16/85 Singletry Center for the Arts, Lexington, KY A 1CDR
- 05/05/86, Vestal, NY, SBD A 2CDR
- 08/01/87, Mohawe Theatre, Great Barrington, MA, A 2CDR
- 09/13/90, Old Renaissance Fairgrounds, Veneta, OR, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/10/91, The Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN, SBD, A 2CDR
- 05/24/91, Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/29/94, Shriver Hall, Baltimore, MD, With Michael Manring, A 2CDR
- 1995, ECHOES Living Room Jam, A 1CDR
- 07/23/95, Live in Enid, OK, A 1CDR
- 10/03/95, New Paltz, New York, SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 1996, Florida Theater, Jacksonville, FL, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/02/96, Ann Arbor, MI, SBD, A 2CDR
- 11/17/96, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/21/97, San Francisco, CA, 2CDR

- 1996, with Lane and Sipe, Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, SBD A 1CDR

see also Tribal Tech
- 1996, Eilat, Israel, AUD, A 2VCD

- "1968 A.D.", STUDIO sessions from 1968 mostly Electric Ladyland sessions, A 1CDR
- "The Completer", alternate takes, demos, and studio jams, STUDIO, Sound ranges from A to B-, 2CDR
- "Crash Landing", out of print posthumous release, one of the ones where they hired STUDIO musicians to complete the tracks, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Earth Tones", recordings from the 1969-1970 studio sessions of Band Of Gypsies (Billy Cox + Buddy Miles), STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Freak Out", studio blues jams, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Jimi's Apartment Recordings", 4/1968, Home Studio, A 1CDR
- "Loose Ends", out of print Polydor European release, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- Midnight Lightning, Sequel to "Crash Landing", done with session musicians to complete unfinished tracks, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Mixdown Master Tapes Vols. 1-3", excellent quality studio sessions, STUDIO, A+ 3CDR - one of the best
- "Multicoloured Blues: The Unreleased Sessions", nice selection of alternate takes, demos and unreleased songs, STUDIO, varies from A to A-, 2CDR
- "STUDIO Experience", Demos, jams and outtakes from sessions for the first album, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Ultra Rare Trax, studio rarities from various dates, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- "War Heroes", out of print posthumous US release, STUDIO, A, 1CDR

- 1968, "Jamming Live At The Scene Club", NYC, 55 Min CD
- 01/29/68, "Guitars & Amps", Olympia Theatre, Paris, approx 40 Min, SBD, A, CD
- 10/10/68, Winterland Vol. 1, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/11/68, Winterland Vol. 2, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/12/68, Winterland Vol. 3, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 01/09/69, Konsertheuset, Stockholm, Sweden, early and late shows, SBD, A 2CDR
- 02/24/69, The Royal Albert Hall, London, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 08/1969, The Woodstock Rehearsals, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1969, The Sotheby Auction Reels, STUDIO, A- 1CDR
- 07/04/70, "Lover Man", Atlanta Pop Festival, Atlanta, GA, SBD, A, 1CD
- 07/30/70, "Rainbow Bridge Concert & Soundtrack", Maui, HA, SBD, A 2CDR

- 10/07/88, The Bottom Line NYC 70 Min SBD A CDR

- 07/17/90, Henry's Hideaway, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/18/94, Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/04/95, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1990's - "A&M Covers Album", unreleased studio project, no date or city listed, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1990's - "The Kershaw Sessions", STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 2001, Club Lek, Amsterdam, Holland, SBD, A 1CDR - eight songs, 23 minutes, short but sweet.

- 1994, "Live In Japan" SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/1994, Tokyo, with Steve Hunt(Kbd), Skulli Sverrison(B), & Chad Wackerman(D), SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/19/98, Warsaw Jazzfest, Warsaw, Poland, with Dave Carpenter (6-sting Bass), Gary Novak(D), SBD, Excellent, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 07/22/00, Philadelphia, PA, AUD, A 1CDR
- 03/24/01, Trio with Joel Taylor & Dave Carpenter, Quasimodo Jazz Club, Berlin, Germany, AUD, A 1CDR

- 10/23/94, "White Steel Rose", Corey's Bar And Grill, Crystal, MN, SBD A 1CDR

- 1983, "Hello Graham Nash", Cincinnati, OH, SBD, A

- 07/14/96, with Eubanks, Coleman & Smitty, Copenhagen, Denmark, FM, A 2CDR - Excellent

- 02/11/92, "John Lee Hooker & Friends Live At Sweetwater", with Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Ry Cooder, John Hammond, Booker T & Johnny Johnson, Mill Valley, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1995, "John Lee Hooker & Friends", with Duke Robillard, House Of Blues, Hollywood, CA, seems like maybe this is disc one of a two disc set, has entire opening set by Duke Robillard and three songs by JLH then fades out, SBD, A 1CDR

- 05/1970, Olympic Studios, London, UK, STUDIO, A 1CDR

05/06/73, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A+ 1CDR

- 1997, Q-Bert Vs D-Styles, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1999, Rehearsals for Hot Sauce In The Dickhole" SBD, A 1CDR

- 1971, Live (venue and location unknown), SBD, A 1CDR featuring 25+ minute verson of Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida

- 1979 The Palladium, NYC, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/08/82, The Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 05/1993, "The Nature Of My Game", unreleased blues album recorded with The Red Devils, Sound Recorders Studio, LA, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 01/01/94, San Francisco, CA, AUD, B+ 2CDR

- 1974, with Tommy Bolin, Denver, CO and 6/17/74, NYC, AUD, B+ 1CDR
- 1974, with Tommy Bolin, no venue or city listed, FM, B+ 1CDR
- 12/27/76, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH,

- 06/08/97, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/23/99, Rome, NY, SBD A 1CDR

- 11/13/86, "Live And Profane Disc Two", Pyramid Club, LA, CA, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 02/14/87, "Live And Profane Disc One", The Scream, LA, CA, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 1990, Milan, Italy, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 09/26/91, "Last Fixx", Aloha Tower, Honolulu, HA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/1986, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 1CDR

- 02/06/98, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1976, "Turnstiles Outtakes", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1976+, B-Sides Collection, compilation of various b-side songs, STU, A 1CDR
- 1976-77, "Strangers On 52nd Street", demos from The Stranger and 52nd Street albums, STUDIO & SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/06/77, CS Post College, New York, SBD, A+ 2CDR, disc two contains filler from 1972 Sigma Studios, WMMR, Philadelphia
- 1980, "Glass Houses Outtakes", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1983-1986, "Getting Closer", Studio outtakes from sessions for "Innocent Man" and "Bridges" albums, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1969, The Dick James Demos, STUDIO, A- 3CDR
- 05/22/70, "The Greatest Discovery", Paris Theatre, London with filler from Summer, 1971, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1970-71, "Tumbleweed Collection", compilation of Tumbleweed Demos, Witchseasons's Demos, live on Old Grey Whistle Test, and live at the Budokan in Tokyo, STUDIO & SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/03/71, Royal Festival Hall, London, SBD, A 1CDR (Mistakenly listed as "Philadelphia - 3/72") - one of the best
- 10/01/71, "Madman Shakes Tokyo", SBD, A 2CDR
- 05/18/74, Royal Albert Hall, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/28/74, Madison Square Garden, NYC with John Lennon on several songs, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1976, "Elton John Plays With Himself", voice and piano demos for the "Rock Of The Westies" album plus demos for "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" and "Snow Queen", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 05/02/77, "Rainbow Rock", Rainbow Theater, SBD, 2CDR
- 1982, King Biscuit Flower Hour, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/30/84, "Summer Of Elton", Wembley Stadium, London, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/03/92, "The Only One", Switzerland, AUD A- 1CDR

- 1970's, "Climbing The Andes" compilation of songs from their out of print albums and studio outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 07/16/82, "Stage Pirates", Montreux, SBD A 1CDR
- 1993, "Ear & Echo" from the Pop-Pop Tour Venue Unknown, SBD, 50 Min, A CDR
- 07/18/99, Stockholm, Sweden, SBD A 1CDR
- 10/06/00, In-STUDIO performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW-FM, Pasadena, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/09/81, Budokan, Tokyo with Patti Austin, James Ingram, Toots Thielmann & many others, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1983, 50th Birthday Celebration, Seattle, WA with James Ingram, Patti Austin, Ray Charles & Others, SBD, A 1CDR

- 03/18/01, Poor David's, location unknown, SBD, A 2CDR

- 11/1999, WDR Big Band with V. Mendoza and P. Erskine, Cologne, Germany, PRE-FM SBD A+ 1CDR

- 1981, The Roxy, with Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Anthony Jackson, SBD, A+ 1CDR with bonus track Rufus & Chaka, Midnight Special, 1974

07/12/75, Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR

- Kansas City, KS, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/13/89, "Let The Good Times Roll", Montreux Jazz Festival, SBD, A+, 1CDR

- 06/18/71, Carnegie Hall, NYC, with James Taylor, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1974, "Live In Antibes 1974", Antibes, France, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1975, "Live In Nancy Vols. 1&2", Nancy, France, SBD, A 2CDR

- 9/29/82, Munich, Germany, SBD, A-, 1CDR
- 04/28/84, Tokyo, with filler from 08/27/82 date and venue unknown, A 2CDR
- 05/10/85, Tokyo, AUD, A 1CDR

- 01/21/72, "On Holiday", Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, "Lola", BBC Radio Concert, London, SBD, A 1CDR

- 2000, "Ultra Rare Trax", rare and hard to find mixes including "Justified And Ancient" with Tammy Wynnette on lead vocals - simultaneously grooving and amusing. STUDIO, A 1CDR

See also X
- 06/14/84, "Live At The Music Machine", Los Angeles, CA AUD B- CDR
- 10/24/85, Irving Plaza, NYC, SBD, A-/B+, 1CDR

- 1983, Live On The BBC, London, UK, PRE-FM SBD/SBD, A 1CDR nice tight set chock full of hits.

- 1968, Supersessions Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1975, Allen Theater, Cleveland, AUD, A-/B+ 1CDR
- 1981, Computers In Love, Belgium & Paris, AUD, A 2CDR
- 02/20/90, Rimmini Rimmini, Bologna, Itlay, 105 Min, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1991, Heute Abend, AUD, A 2CDR
- 07/17/91, Edinburgh, Germany, 45 Min, SBD, A/A- 1CDR

- 08/11/01, Otto's, SBD, A 2CDR

- 03/30/90, Club Titta, Kawasaki, Japan, AUD, A- 1CDR

- 11/01/80, location and venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1969-1974, "Studio Sessions", Various Studio Sessions, Outtakes & Demos STUDIO, A/A- 4CDR
- 03/25/71, "At The Beeb", Paris Theatre, London, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/19/73, "Tympani For The Butter Queen", Fort Worth, TX, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/06/73, "Rockin' In Chicago", Soundcheck, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 1CDR
- 197X, "Physical Rehearsals" location unlisted, STUDIO, A- CDR

See also Elton John
- "60th Birthday Celebration", BBC Radio tribute, October 9, 2002, FM, A 2CDR
- "A Toot And A Snore", 1974 informal jam session with Stevie Wonder, Nilsson and Paul McCartney (on drums), SBD, A 1CDR
- "Complete Imagine Sessions", everything from the Imagine album sessions from demos to alternate mixes, STUDIO, A 3CDR
- "The Dakota Beatles Demos" 1977-1980, Home STUDIO, A- 1CDR - one of the best
- "DJ Winston O'Boogie", 09/28/74, JL guest dj-ing at WNEW-FM 102.7 in NYC, previewing tracks from Walls And Bridges and playing oldies that influenced him and that group he used to be with. Very, very nice, sort of like sitting around chatting and listening to records with an old friend, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- "The Dream Is Over" 1971 demos and outtakes, STUDIO/SBD, A- 1CDR
- "For The Other Half Of The Sky", 1980, Double Fantasy Outtakes, STUDIO, A to B+, 2CDR
- "Gone From This Place", 1971-1980, compilation of demos and studio outtakes throughout Lennon's solo career, SBD, etc, A 1CDR
- "The Interview", with Yoko, 12/6/80, A 2CDR
- "Live In NYC", King Biscuit Flower Hour (broadcast in 1999), SBD, A 1CDR
- "Look At Me", very good compilation from high quality sources from multiple years throughout solo career, SBD & STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "More Mind Games", 1973, demos and Studio Outtakes, A 1CDR excellent
- "News Of The Day", very good compilation from high quality sources from multiple years throughout solo career, SBD & STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Serve Youself", very good compilation from high quality sources from multiple years throughout solo career, SBD & STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Sings The Rock N Roll Hits, Roots, Adam VIII", 1975, The Morris Levy released alternate version of the Rock N Roll album briefly sold on TV in the mid-70's, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- "Walls & Bridges Sessions", 1974, outtakes, demos, etc, from the making of the lost weekend album, STUDIO, etc, A, 1CDR
- "Watching The Wheels", very good compilation from high quality sources from multiple years throughout solo career, SBD & STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "WPLJ-FM Interview", 1971, very laid back interview with John & Yoko at NYC FM radio station, with DJ and caller questions, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- "Yer Blues", very good compilation from high quality sources from multiple years throughout solo career, SBD & STUDIO, A 1CDR

See also Rolling Stones Multi-Media
- 1970's, "The Lost Lennon Tapes", everything you could possibly imagine in MP3 format on two cd-roms. I think it's equivalent to about nine albums worth of material. The sound quality of the MP3 conversions is very good. There's some variation is sound quality from the varying sources (demos, outtakes, etc). SBD, Live, STUDIO, A, 2CD-Roms
- 1972, "Gimme Some Truth", chronicles the making of the Imagine album, mpeg video playable via Windows Media Player, A 1CD-Rom
- 1975, The Last TV Interview, with Tom Snyder, A 1VCD

- 03/07/92, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/03/73, "Teenage Nervous Breakdown", Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1973-74, Electrif Lycanthrope, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/31/75, The Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/14/76, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, SBD A 1CDR

- 02/27/00, The Fillmore AUDitorium, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 2CDR

- 04/13/92, Merkin Hall, NYC, Martin, Bloednow, Westin, Bernstein, Tronzo, Blake & Lurie,
- 07/14/92, "Demented", Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR

1966-67, "Lost Wall" Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1960's, "Do You Believe In Outtakes", Studio Outtakes, A- 1CDR

- 1971, "Muscle Shoals Sessions", studio outtakes from Muscle Shoals Studios, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 10/30/73, Ardent Studio, Memphis, TN, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Two For Tennesee", 10/30/73, WND Studios, Memphis, TN and 3/19/75, Chattanooga, TN, FM/SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/04/75, Cardiff, Wales, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1983, "Live In The USA", SBD, A 1CDR

- 11/04/71, Jabberwocky, Syracuse, NY, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1972, Wild Strings, Cleveland, Ohio, SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 03/27/72, The Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/07/75, Stockholm, Sweden, SBD, A 1CDR

- 08/17/01, Shank's Club, AUD, A 3CDR

- 05/24/73, Paris Theatre, London, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 10/24/73, "The Capitol Rehearsals", SBD, A 2CDR
- 11/27/73, Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, UK, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 12/02/73, "Live At The Record Plant", Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A+ 1CDR one of the best
- 06/10/75, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/03/75, The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/26/76, "Live At The Roxy", Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A, with additional material from 12/05/76, Smile Jamaica, PRE-FM SBD A 2CDR
- 05/1976, The Beacon Theater, NYC, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/22/78, Kingston, Jamaica, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/10/79, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1980, Gabon, Africa, SBD, A- 2CDR

- 1974, Natty Dread Demos, STUDIO, A/A- 1CDR
- 1978, Kaya Outtakes, STUDIO, A/A-, 2CDR
- 1979, Survival Demos, STUDIO, A/A-, 2CDR

- 06/19/73, Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island, NY, SBC, A 1CDR

- 1975, The Bottom Line, NYC, AUD, A-/B+ 2CDR
- 03/02/77, Keystone Korner, San Francisco, CA with the Joyous Lake band, Excellent, PRE-FM SBD A 2CDR - one of the best

- 1989-1995, B-Sides & Remixes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 11/12/94, BBC Radio One Essential Mix, London, UK, SBD, A 2CDR

- 03/20/98, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/01/99, Sydney, Australia, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/14/00, "The Dyno Four" with Colaiuta, LaBoriel & Larry Carlton, The Baked Potato, LA, CA, AUD, A 1CDR

- 2000, The Lillywhite Sessions, the unreleased album, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 05/18/01, Pacific Bell Stadium, CA. with guest appearance by Carlos Santana, AUD, A 3CDR

- 03/14/99, Martin Civic AUDitorium, San Rafael, CA. with guest appearances by Carlos Santana and Bob Weir, very nice laid back (mostly) unplugged concert, AUD, A 3CDR

- 1971, Chicago, IL (partial), SBD, A 1CDR
- 1973, Chicago, IL, reunion with The Impressions, SBD, A 1CDR

See also Pat Metheny Group and Joni Mitchell
- 10/25/92, with Marc Johnson (B), Bob Shepard (S) & Mark Walker (D), Warsaw, Poland, FM, A 2CDR

- 1999, venue and location unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1980 Musician Magazine Interview, SBD, A- 1CDR
- Another Flaming Pie, 1997-8 performances of material from the Flaming Pie album, SBD/TV/PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- Back To The Egg Sessions, 1979, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- The Backyard Tape, mostly Paul singing and playing acoustic guitar, SBD, A 1CDR
- Cold Cuts Volume Two, 1970's and beyond compilation of unreleased studio material spanning several years, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- Completed Rarities, Vol. 1, sort of a compilation of Stuff from various bootlegs, A to B, 1CDR
- Flaming Pie Radio Show, 05/1997 pre-release radio special hosted by PM includes an audio tour of Abbey Road Studios and interviews with Ringo and George Martin, highly recommended, STUDIO/PRE-FM SBD, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- Good Times Coming, Another compilation of Stuff from various bootlegs, A to B, 1CDR
- "Hot Hits, Cold Cuts", 1970's unreleased compilation of studio rarities, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "It's Now Or Never", 1987 album of Paul covering oldies supposedly sold in Russia only, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "James Paul McCartney", music soundtrack from his 1973 TV special, STUDIO, A- 1CDR
- "London Town Roughs & Demos", 1977 STUDIO, A 1CDR
- The McCartney/McManus Collection, compilation of work with Elvis Costello, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- The Lost McCartney Album, 1980, unreleased version of McCartney II with additional songs, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- "Rock And Roll", 06/29-07/27/78, STUDIO jams from the "Back To The Egg" sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- " The Complete Oobu Jubu Radio Series", 1995, Excellent eclectic special radio series hosted by Paul McCartney with lots and lots of McCartney rarities, interviews with other artists including Brian Wilson, Linda's weekly vegetarian recipes, lots of fun, copied from the discs sent to radio stations, STUDIO, A++ 17 CDRs - one of the best (if you'd like to request a specific show or one or two to get the idea that's fine with me)
- "One Hand Clapping", 1974, Outtakes, WIP and alternate versions - material circa "Band On The Run" and "Venus & Mars" from unreleased film of the same name, Abbey Road Studios, London, STUDIO, A 1CDR one of the best
- The Piano Tape, 1974, Paul running through a set of demos, just him singing and playing the piano, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- Pizza And Fairy Tales, 1980's, unreleased studio projects, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- Return To Pepperland, 1987, unreleased studio project produced by Phil Ramone, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- "Rude STUDIO Demos", 1980-82, studio demos and outtakes, London, STUDIO, A 1CDR one of the best
- Saturday Night Live Rehearsals, 1993, SBD, A 1CDR
- Thrillington, 1975, sort of cheesy jazz-noir arrangements of the Ram album, done by PM under pseudonym, STUDIO, B
- "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1", 1970's, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2", 1970's, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- Veggie Pie, 1997, live performances and b-sides from Flaming Pie sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- Wingspan Memorial Day Radio Special, 05/27/01, Paul recounts the story of Wings, plays portions of songs - originally contained full versions of songs but music from the cd release has been edited out (very sloppy editing). PRE-FM SBD, would be A if full version but with sloppy edits = B

- 08/22/72, "Got Any Toothpicks?", Wings live in Europe, SBD, A/A- 1CDR
- 1974, "Junior's Farm", recorded during soundchecks, cover says "Nashville" but date is wrong so who knows, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1976, Wings Tour Rehearsals, location unknown, SBD, A-, 1CDR
- 1976, "Wings Over America", the out of print official release, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/10/76, The King Dome, Seattle, WA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 12/17/79, "Last Flight", Glasgow, Scotland, The full show, really great, SBD, A 2CDR
- 12/17/79, Glasgow, Scotland, Partial show with "The Runachon Rough Mixes" as filler, SBD/STUDIO, A-, 1CDR
- 1982, BBC Rock Hour, FM, A 1CDR
- 06/28/90, King's Dock Arena, Liverpool, UK, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 01/25/91, "Unplugged, Limestone STUDIO, London, European MTV Unplugged appearance, SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 12/14/99, Live At The Cavern Club, radio broadcast version with lead in interview with PM, SBD, A 1CDR Great rocking show, with Dave Gilmour - I love this show and encourage you to get the DVD
- 06/14/01, Complete Landmine Gig, with Paul Simon, a sort of informal semi acoustic performance for a charity function benefiting the eradication of landmines, AUD, A- with filler - the 2001 Wingspan remixes (STUDIO, A+), 1CDR
- 10/20/01, "Freedom For NYC", Benefit concert and Rehearsals, MSG, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/10/02, United Center, Chicago, IL, AUD, A 2CDR

- "Oobu Joobu", 1995, the entire radio series on high quality MP3s (160 kbps) with all the commercials edited out, very highly recommended, approximately 16 hours, STUDIO, A++, 2 CD-Roms - one of the best

- 1983, Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, Westwood One Superstars of R&B Concert Series, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, Tokyo, Japan, with Edgar Winter and Joe Walsh, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1984, Tokyo, with Robben Ford on guitar, SBD (sounds like a monitor mix since you can barely hear the crowd at all), A- 1CDR

See also Mahavishnu Orchestra, Santana and Weather Report
- 10/19/79, w/ Jack Bruce & Billy Cobham, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 90 Min, AUD, B+, 2CDR
- 1982, Montreal, Canada, 60 Min, SBD, A CDR
- 11/13/94, Free Spirits, Hamburg, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/11/98, H.O.T., 2CDR

see also Michael Brecker, Gary Burton, Jack DeJohnette, Joni Mitchell and Joshua Redman
- 1975-1993(?) The WMFO Retrospective Compilation of Pat related projects spanning 7/4/75 to 1993 collaboration with J. Redman., Mix of AUD and SBD, sound ranges from B to A, 1CDR
- 07/04/75, Pooh's Pub, Boston, MA, 20 Min & 06/16/76 Guitar Workshop, Boston, MA, 30 Min, both w/ Pastorius & Bob Moses, SBD, B to B+, 1CDR - one of the best
- 08/31/77, "Blue Asphalt", The Great American Music Hall, SF, CA, SBD, A+ 1CD
- 1979, Paradise, Boston, MA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 06/1979, "Clouds", venue and location unknown, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/1979, The Warner Bros. Radio Show, Warner Bros. Studios, SBD, A, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1980, PMG with Mayes, Egan & Gottleib, Hamburg, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 04/20/80, PMG: The Tokyo FM Sessions, recorded in Tokyo FM Studios, with brief interview, Tokyo, Japan, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- 12/16/80, McCabes Guitar Workshop, Santa Monica, CA, with Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian, AUD, A- 2CDR - Some Diginoize on several tracks
- 11/19/81, PMG, Moor Theatre, Seattle, WA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/29/82, Midland Music Hall, Kansas City, MO, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/31/83, "The Meeting" with Sonny Rollins, Alphonso Johnson & Jack De Johnette, Live Under Sky, Japan, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 12/01/87, PMG, The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, 70 Min, SBD, A+ CDR
- 06/1988, with Steve Swallow and Bob Moses, L'Air du Temps, Montreal Jazz Festival, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 07/1989, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada, SBD, A+ 2CDR
- 07/26/89, PMG, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, AUD 3CDR- Some Diginoize on several tracks
- 1990, Live In Japan, AUD, A-, 3CDR
- 1992, Ice Dreams, USA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 08/14/92, Trio with Roy Haynes (D) and Dave Holland (B), International Jazz Festival, Marciac, France, FM, A 1CDR
- 1992, trio with Holland & Haynes, AUD, A, 1CDR
- 01/28/92, Trio with Holland & Haynes, Tokyo, SBD, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 02/26/93, New Brunswick, NJ, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1995, PMG - We Live Here Live In Japan, Tokyo, SBD, A 1CDR - some applause edits between songs.
- 05/1998, PMG, Shepherds Bush, London, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CDR - one of the best
- 08/22/98, Trio with Holland & DeJohnette, Opus 41, Saugerties, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/03/02, PMG, Vienne Jazz Festival, Antique Theatre, Vienne, France, FM, A 1CDR

see also The Brecker Brothers, Eric Clapton & Legends and David Sanborn
- 07/1991, "The Marcus Miller Project", Live Under Sky (Yomiuri Land), Tokyo, Japan, AUD, A 2CDR
- 07/26/92, "The Marcus Miller Project featuring David Sanborn", Live Under Sky, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1994(?), "Live In The USA", SBD A 1CDR
- 07/09/94, NSJF, Den Haag, Netherlands, with Drew Zingg, others, SBD A 1CDR
- 05/20/95, "Marcus Miller And Friends", Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, AUD, A 2CDR
- 06/04/96, "The Marcus Miller Band", Blue Note, Osaka, AUD A 2CDR
- 06/12/98, Salzau, with Hiram Bullock, Poogie Bell, others, SBD A 1CDR
- 199?, "Live", probably 1994, venue unlisted, material mostly from "The Sun Don't Lie" album, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/14/01, North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/01/73, Live At The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/12/75, The Beacon Theater, NYC, part of the "Three Nights At The Beacon" set (see Various Artists for additional information, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1985, Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 10/28/70, with James Taylor, Royal Albert Hall, London, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1970, "Alternate Blue", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 02/23/72, Carnegie Hall, NYC, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 1972-1973, "Blonde In The Bleachers", Hawaii 1973 + BBC Radio 1972 with filler from Isle Of Wight 1970, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 03/12/74, Seattle, WA, with Robben Ford, Tom Scott & The LA Express, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 08/17/74, Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, with Robben Ford, Tom Scott & The LA Express (G), A 1CDR
- 1974-76, Hissing of Summer Lawns Demos, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR
- 02/16/76, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- 11/20/76, "Save The Whales Benefit", Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR - one of the best
- 09/04/78, Berkeley, CA, with Herbie Hancock & The Persuasions, 30 Min, FM, A- 1CDR
- 08/1979, w/ Shadows & Light Band: Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Brecker and Don Alias, Forest Hills, Flushing, NY, AUD B 1CDR
- 08/03/79, w/ Shadows & Light Band, Oklahoma City, OK, 135 Min, AUD, B+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 08/17/79, w/ Shadows & Light Band, Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 42 Min (show cut short from thunderstorm - listen to the rain & thunder during Jaco's Solo!), AUD, B CDR
- 09/03/79, w/ Shadows & Light Band, Portland, OR, 120 Min, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- 09/08-09/79, w/ Shadows & Light Band, San Francisco, CA, AUD, B+, 3CDR
- 09/15/79, w/Shadows & Light Band, The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA B 1CDR
- 09/16/79, w/ Shadows & Light Band, The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA B 1CDR
The 9/15 and 9/16 may be two halves on the same night - the material doesn't repeat.
- 03/07/83, Wild Things Run Fast Tour, Budokan, Tokyo, with Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Landau, Russell Ferrante and Larry Klein,SBD, A+, 2CDR
- 03/30/83, Red Rocks, Morrison, CO, with Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Landau, Russell Ferrante and Larry Klein,SBD, A, 2CDR
- 04/23/83, Wembley Arena, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/26/83, "For Your Brussels", Koninklijk Circus, Brussels, Belgium, FM, A- 2CDR
- 06/23/83, "Baby I Don't Care", Lloyd Noble, Norman, OK, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 1984, "Refuge Of The Roads", venues unlisted, with Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Landau, Russell Ferrante and Larry Klein, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/15/86, with Larry Klein & Friends, Westwood One Radio Broadcast, I think this is a compilation of Live Aid, Amnesty International, and a couple of others. The sound quality varies from A to B-, FM 1CDR
- 1991, "Swinging On A Star", CBC Radio Studio, Toronto, sound quality is a bit fluttery, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1994, Toronto, "Just-Ice", solo performance in front of a small audience, SBD A 1CDR
- 05/16/98, "Live At The Gorge", AUD, A 1CDR
- 05/29-30/98, Warner Brothers Studios, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1969-1995, Unplugged & Jamming, three volumes of live material, quality varies from A+ to B, 3CDR

- 05/02/99, Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FL, solo acoustic performance, SBD, A 1CDR

- 2000, Festival 2000, location unknown, SBD A 1CDR
- 2000, "Fer Auld Lang Syne", Edinburgh, Scotland, SBD, A 2CDR
- 08/05/00, Rolling Rock Festival, Latrobe, PA, SBD A (second half of show is a set by Filter), 1CDR
- 10/07/00, London, broadcast of live performance on Later With Jools Holland, really great, SBD, A+ 1CD - one of the best

- 08/19/61, Jorgies Jazz Club, Gas Light Square, St. Louis, MO, with bonus tracks from NYC 1963, both SBD A 1CDR
- 1964, "Billy & Wes", with Billy Taylor and Joe Williams, location and venue unlisted, SBD A 1CDR
- 03/27/65, Paris, France with Wynton Kelly Trio, alternative versions from the "Full House" album, excellent soundboard, A, 1CDR
- 1962, "Straight, No Chaser", with Clark Terry, location and venue unlisted, SBD A 1CDR
- 1960's, "Body & Soul", Ronnie Scott's Club, London, SBD A 1CDR

- 03/17/56, Hackensack, NJ, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/18/61, Paris, France, SBD, A 2CDR
- 05/17/61, with Charlie Rouse, John Ore & Frankie Dunlop, Odd Fellow Palaet, 1962, Copenhagen, Denmark, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/21/63, Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/22/64, "Live At Alhambra", Paris, France, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/22/65, Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1989, "Rock Of Ages", USA Tour, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1969-1975, "Laughing In The Wind", Demos, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 04/26/70, "Van Morrison Rocks His Gypsy Soul", The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1971, Pacific High Studios, Sausalito, CA, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- 09/09/71, "Moonshine Whiskey", Sacramento, CA, A- 1CDR
- 1973, "It's Never Too Late", Caledonia Soul Orchestra's World Tour, SBD, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 05/26/73, "It Ain't Why, It Just Is...", The Troubador, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 07/24/73, "Over The Rainbow", Rainbow Theatre, London, originally recorded for television broadcast, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 06/30/74, "Pure", Casino de Montreux, Switzerland, 60 Min, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/29/74, "Live At The Orphanage", San Francisco, CA 70 Min, SBD, A 1CDR

- 07/14/88, The Casino, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 2CDR with guests Wayne Shorter & Carlos Santana on two songs

- 12/01/73, "The Impeachment Day Special", full hour show, FM, A 1CDR
- 12/08/73, Full One Hour Show, FM, A 1CDR
- 12/15/73, One hour show, missing first 2 or 3 minutes, FM, A 1CDR
- 1974, Two full half hour shows, FM, A- 1CDR
- 07/1974, "Summer Re-Runs #5 & #6", two full half hour episodes of the legendary National Lampoon Radio Hour, the radio program that much of the original cast of Saturday Night Live came from. Includes a very funny parody of Cat Stevens, etc. FM, A 1CDR

- 1970's, "Magic Me", compilation of outtakes from early albums sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 07/13/96, The North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1975, The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/01/79, with Leon Russell, Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, SBD, A 1CDR

(Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Stanley Clarke, Ian McLagan, Bobby Keys & Ziggy Modeliste)
- 04/22/79, Toronto, Canada, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 05/05/79, Largo, MD, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1981/82, The Complete Peel Sessions, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- 1981-1992, "Solid Big Important Remixes", STUDIO, A-, CDR
- 1980's, "Substance Abuse", Rare and hard to find remixes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1980's-1990's, "Ultra Hot Remixes", rare dj subscription sevice remixes of New Order and offshoot projects, A- 1CDR
- 05/02/85, "Further Pumped", Shinjuku Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/19/87, BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert, Glastonbury, UK, SBD, A, 1CD
- 08/29/93, Live At The Reading Festival, PRE-FM SBD Rebroadcast, SBD, A
- 11/2001, "Touched By The Hand", Cologne, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 11/16/00, venue and location unlisted, SBD, A 2CDR
- 04/07/01, Old Settlers, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1984, "Dreamer", USA Tour, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1988-1991, "Complete Cover Versions", live and STUDIO versions of songs by VU, Kiss, Led Zep, Devo, Doors, Bowie, Vaselines, Meat Puppets, The Who, Leadbelly and others, AUD/SBD/STUDIO, sound ranges from A to B, 1CDR
- 1988-1991, "Outcesticide: In Memory of Kurt Cobain", collection of rarities from 1st demo tape, unreleased sub pop mini album and on, AUD/SBD/STUDIO, sound ranges from A to B, 1CDR
- 05/14/91, "Stiff Drinks", Duffy's Bar, with additional filler from Bleach Demos, SBD/STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR
- 12/28/91, "The Eternal Legacy", O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1993, "Live In Seattle", Excellent live set, SBD A 1CDR
- 02/24/94, "ROMA", Rome, Italy, SBD A 1CDR

- 04/01/00, St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 08/17/00, Set II, The Rhythm Room, Phoenix, AZ, AUD, A 1CDR

- 10/03/80, The Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood, CA, FM, A 1CDR

OLD 97's
- 1996, "Too Far To Care" Demos, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1998, "Fight Songs" Demos, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 09/06/98, The 7th Note, San Francisco, CA, SBD A/A- 1CDR
- 05/29/99, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/09/99, The Bijou Theater, Knoxville, TN, SBD A- 1CDR
- 09/26/99, The Stork Club, Oakland, CA with opening set by The Ranchero Brothers, AUD A-/B+ 2CDR

- 12/5/91, The Fridge, Brixton, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR - includes a great version of "Little Fluffy Clouds"
- 1994, "FFWD" with Robert Fripp, Studio, A 1CDR
- 06/22/96, Live At The Organic Festival, KROQ-FM, Pasadena, CA, 120 Min, FM, A+, 2CDR

- 12/30/96, "Chimes For A New Year", Alexandra's Palace, SBD, A+ 1CDR
- 12/31/99, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 10/14/00, The Lion's Den, NYC, AUD, A 2CDR
- 11/02/00, Georgia Theater, Athens, GA, AUD, A 2CDR

- 10/16/00, The House of Blues on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 09/29/47, with Dizzy Gillespie, NYC, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 01/27/93, Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA, SBD A- 1CDR

see also Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell and Weather Report
- 1969-1974, "In-Edits", three song sampler given away during the summer of 2002 with a French Jazz magazine featuring material from the Bob Bobbings STILL unreleased project. SBD, A 1CDR, approx. 15 Min.
- 11/06/76, "Trilogue Live", with Albert Mangelsdorff & Alphonse Mouzon, Berlin, SBD, A+ 1CD
- 1979, "Trio of Doom" w/John McLaughlin & Tony Williams @ Havana Jam, Havana, Cuba, 15 Min, SBD, A+ CDR
- 05/25/1979, Solo and Q&A with Music students, GIT, Los Angeles, CA, 45 Min, AUD, B 1CDR
- 11/02/79, Berliner Jazzstage, Berlin, 73 Min, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1982, Albion College, Albion, MI, AUD B/B- 2CDR
- 01/10/82, WOM, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Beverly Hills, CA, approx 90 Min, AUD, B+, 2CDR
- 04/12/82, Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO, AUD, 115 Min A-/B, 2CDR
- 06/27/82, WOM, Avery Fischer Hall, NYC, 90 Min, PRE-FM SBD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 07/1982, w/Big Band, Yokohama, Japan, 90 Min, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/03/82, Theatre St. Denis, Montreal Jazz Festival, w/ Erskine, Alias, Molineaux, Brecker, Mintzer,SBD, A+, 1CDR - one of the best
- 09/01/82, WOM Big Band, Aurex Jazz Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 92 Min, SBD, A+, 2CDR
- 12/01/82, "The Birthday Party", Mr. Pips, Ft Lauderdale, FL, AUD, 92 Min, A- 2CDR
- 1983, w/ Band, Sweden, 60 Min, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1983, "Live In Venice", Italy, 55 Min, AUD, C, 1CDR
- 1983, w/Mike Stern - 55 Grand, NYC, 1983, 1CDR
- 05/22/83, with Word of Mouth band and guest Kazumi Watanabe, Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 05/22/83, with Word of Mouth band and guest Kazumi Watanabe, Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Pre-PRE-FM SBD, same show as above but more complete, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 06/21/83, "Natural", w/ Francisco Mondragon Rio, NYC, 45 Min, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- 07/02/83, London, 40 Min, B+, 1CDR
- 07/10/83, Concetgebouw, Den Haag, 45 Min, 1CDR
- 07/29/83, Pier 84, NYC, 20 Min, AUD, B- CDR
- 10/17/83, Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA, 94 Min, SBD(?), A 2CDR
- 10/19/83, New York, B 2CDR
- 10/21/83, w/ Big Band, Berklee Performance Ctr, Boston, MA , 45 Min, 1CDR
- 11/20/83, Beverly Center, Beverly Hills, CA, 70 Min, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 10/30/83, Early Show, University Club, Ann Arbor, MI, AUD B+ 1CDR
- 10/30/83, Late Show, University Club, Ann Arbor, MI, AUD B 2CDR
- 01/04/84, w/ Erskine, Alias, Stern, Marcus Miller & others, 55 Grand, NYC, 145 Min, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 01/06/84, w/ Marcus Miller & others, 55 Grand, NYC, 100 Min, AUD, A-, 2CDR
- 07/02/84, London, PRE-FM SBD/SBD, A, 1CDR
- 11/11/84, "Essence" w/ Delmar Brown & others, NYC, 70 Min, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- 12/19/84, "Blackbird", with Rashid Ali, Guadalupe via French Radio, FM, A 1CDR
- 01/30/85, w/ Brian Melvin's Nightfood, Toulouse, France, 30 Min, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 01/31/85, with Brian Melvin's Nightfood, Bobigny, France, AUD, A- 2CDR nice set.
- 1985, Paris, 95 Min, 1CDR
- 10/11/85, Lone Star Café, NYC, 90 Min, AUD, B+, 2CDR
- 1986, w/ Bireli Lagrene, Riminni, Italy, 92 Min, SBD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 02/01/86, Berklee Performing Ctr, Boston, MA, AUD, B+ 1CDR
- 02/26/86, Blues Alley, Washington, DC, 90 Min, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- 03/22/86, Dortmund, Germany, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 05/22/86, w/ Hiram Bullock & Kenwood Dennard, Buffalo, NY, 70 Min, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 09/21/86, with Brian Melvin?s Nightfood, The Stone (early and late shows), San Francisco, CA, 120 Min, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 10/1986, "Curtain Call" w/ Brian Melvin & Jon Davis, Tiburon, CA, 70 Min, SBD, A, 1CD
- 10/31/86, with Brian Melvin (D) & Jon Davis, The Dock, Tiburon, CA, SBD, A 3CDR - this is the full set of shows that the "Curtain Call" boot was culled from. Jaco's in good form, great playing.
- 11/01/87, w/ Randy Bernsen, Ft. LAUDerdale, FL, 30 Min, AUD, A-/B+, 1CDR
- 198X, Newport Jazz Festival, "Donna Lee" with trio of Jaco, another bassist and drums, Newport, RI, 8 Min, SBD, A CDR
- 11/1998, BBC Radio Series "Punk Jazz", four part biography featuring many guests and lots of rare material, 120 Min, PRE-FM SBD, A+, 2CDR Upgrade with 1978 Capital Radio Interview - one of the best
- 1999, The Rare Collection, Japanese compilation of songs by other artists featuring Jaco as a sideman. Includes songs by Michel Colombier, Little Beaver, Manolo Badrena, Bob Mintzer, Airto, Ira Sullivan, Mike Stern, Albert Mangelsdorff, and Flora Purim, Studio, A 1CDR.
- 1976 to 1986, "The Jaco Sessions", compilation of sessions of different artists with Jaco on Bass, includes all studio sessions except for his work with Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Michel Colombier, Albert Mangelsdorff and his solo albums, Excellent, STUDIO, A+ 2CDR - one of the best

- 07/23/92, with Tavaglione & Colaiuta, Hyeres Jazz Festival, Hyeres, France, AUD, A 2CDR
- 11/93, Live At Regatta Bar, Stockholm, Sweden with Colaiuta, Beasley, Thomas & Acuna, AUD, A 1CDR
- 04/09/94, John Patitucci Fusion Band, Jazzfestival Skeppsholmen, Sweden w/Potter, Beasley, Wackerman, SBD, A 1CDR

- 05/09/89, with Eric Clapton, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/05/97, with Mad Professor, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1991, U.S.A. 1991, SBD, A, 1CD
- 199X, "Live Wires, SBD, A 1CDR
- 199X, Alternative Discography: The Remixes, STUDIO, A, 1CD
- 199X, "You Are Always On My Mind: Remixes, STUDIO A 1CDR
- 12/11/94, Forever In Love, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, SBD, A, 1CD
- 1998, "BBC LIVE", SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/25/94, "Fuck And Run", Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, SBD, A 1CDR

- 08/16/77, "Half Stoned", unreleased John Phillips album recorded with The Rolling Stones and Mick Taylor, includes filler of a couple Rolling Stones studio rarities, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 08/18/99, with Gary Willis & David Fiuczynski, Clinic/Performance, George's Music, Philadelphia, PA, AUD, A 2CDR some applause cuts and fade outs
- 02/03/01, with the "Vantage Point" band - Jeff Babko, Brandon Fields, Walter Fowler, & Dave Carptenter, The Nefertiti, Gothenburg, Sweden, AUD, A 2CDR

- 09/17/69, Concertgebow, Amsterdam, SBD A (Disc One of "8th Rd From The Moon") 1CDR
- 07/16/70 & 09/30/71, In Concert For The BBC, Paris Theatre, London, SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/21/70, "Fat California Sun And Moon", San Francisco, CA, with additional material from 11/16/71 Washington, DC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1972, "Alternate Dark Side Of The Moon", alternate mixes, outtakes and demos form the DSOTM sessions, STUDIO, A to A- 1CDR
- 1972, Rainbow Theater, London, UK, SBD A (Disc Two of "8th Rd From The Moon") 1CDR
- 02/13/72, "Cold Front", Sapporo, Japan, contains complete performance of DSOTM, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 03/15/73, Dark Soundboard of Philadelphia, Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/16/74, Live DSOTM, Wembley Empire Pool, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1975, "Alternate Wish You Were Here",alternate mixes, outtakes and demos form the WYWH sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 06/28/75, "Echoes In The Canadian Wood", Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, SBD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 05/09/77, Oakland, CA, AUD (sounds almost like SBD), A 2CDR
- 07/22/77, Madison Square Garden, NYC, AUD (Disc Three of "8th Rd From The Moon") 1CDR
- 04/02/77, Haffenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland, AUD, B 1CDR
- 1980, The Wall: Work In Progress, Studio Outtakes and rough mixes, A 1CDR
- 1970's, "Rarities", Studio Outtakes, alternate mixes, demos and other material, A to A-, 2CDR

see also Sting and Andy Summers
- 05/16/79, "San Diego De Amour", San Diego, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 05/1979, "Sting Like A Bee", Minneapolis, MN, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 11/27/79, The Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/16/79, The Gaumont, Southampton, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 02/15/80, "Tokyo Decadence", Nakano Sun Plaza, SBD, A 2CDR
- 08/22/80, Arenes, Bezieres, France, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/18/80, Essen, Germany, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1981, "Ghost Demos", Demos of songs from the Ghost In The Machine album, with filler Heartford Civic Center, Heartford, CT, 1982 & foreign version of "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da", STUDIO, A- 1CDR
- 03/20/82, The Summit, Houston, TX, Excellent Soundboard with horn section, 90 Min A+, 2CDR one of the best
- 07/31/82, International Stadium, Newcastle, UK, with filler from Melbourne, 1981, SBD, A 2CDR very good clean sound
- 10/01/83, "Hoy Es Mi Cumpleaños", Barcelona, Spain, SBD, B/B-, 2CDR pitch is a little fast
- 08/02/83, Montreal, Canada, SBD, PRE-FM SBD 1CDR
- 11/03/83, "Tea In The Sahara", The Omni, Atlanta, GA, SBD, A 1CDR

see also Rite Of Strings
- 09/01/75, Ultrasonic Studios, NYC, FM, A- 1CDR
- 1976, Aurora Tour, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 10/17/76, Hamburg, Germany, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1977, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, FM, A 1CDR
- 11/15/78, "Jazz Alive" Austin Tx, 45 Min, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CDR
- 06/21/00, Chicago, IL, AUD, A 2CDR

- 07/19/88, "Live At The Channel", SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/26/91, Metalhead-Neve Welt, Berlin, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/04/00, "Cambridge 2000", Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK, SBD, A+ 1CDR

- 1950's, The Louisiana Hayride, Compilation of appearances on radio program that was similar to The Grand Ole Opry, SBD A 1CDR
- 1956-1958, "The Unissued Elvis 1956-1958", STUDIO, A 2CDR
1958-1968, "Recording Session Outtakes", STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1973, European Tour with Mick Taylor, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1979, Compilation of BBC Sessions and BBC "In Concert", STUDIO/SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/23/80, "Live At The Paradise", Boson, MA SBD A 1CDR
- 07/17/81, Rockpalast, Germany, with filler from 1993, SBD, A 2CDR
- 01/15/82, The Ritz, NYC, A 1CDR

- 12/12/81, "City Lights, Columbia, SC, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 02/10/83, "City Lights, Providence, RI, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 04/07/85, "Purple Finale", final show of the Purple Rain Tour, The Orange Bowl, Miami, FL, with Sheila E., SBD, A 3CDR Contains complete show including Sheila E's opening set with Prince on "Erotic City". - I attended this show and it was great except Don Johnson jumped up on stage during the finale - he was sort of a hot shot then because Miami Vice was such a big deal. He did the same thing a couple of weeks later at a Jimmy Buffett show. I wonder if he was still able to get away with this kind of thing when he was making Nash Bridges?
- 08/22/86, "City Lights, Stockholm, Sweden, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 03/22/87, "Kiss", Minneapolis, MN, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1990, Live In Tokyo, SBD A 1CDR
- 1990, "The Nude Tour, location and venue unlisted, AUD, A-/B+ 2CDR

- 1980-89, "Lisa Your Love Is So Hard", studio demos, outtakes and unreleased songs, STUDIO, A-/B+ 1CDR
- 1980-1992, "Dreams", Compilation of unreleased songs, demos and outtakes, STUDIO, A/B+, 3CDR
- 1983-87, "The Royal Jewels", STUDIO demos, outtakes and unreleased songs from Prince's most productive period between Purple Rain and Sign of the Times, STUDIO, A - B, 2CDR
- 1986, "Charade", demos, outtakes and unreleased songs from Under A Cherry Moon era, STUDIO, A, 1CDR

- 1981-93, "12 Inches To A Yard", 12" Remixes, STUDIO, A to B, 4CDR

- 1984, "Live In 1984", no venue or location available, SBD, A 1CDR

- 11/24/81, "Live In Montreal", Montreal, Canada, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1970's-1980's, "Her Majesty's Jewels", Studio Rarities, STUDIO, A 1CDR - I don't have a track listing for it but it's good stuff.

- 1967-1969, "Babylon", Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 07/03/71, The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, from KSAN-PRE-FM SBD, SBD A 2CDR
- 1997, Suwannee River Music Festival, Live Oak, FL, AUD, A 2CDR very nice, jazzy, groovy and laid back

- 1973, Panama Beach, FL, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1975, "Go All The Way", Cleveland, OH, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 10/22/93, with Pat Metheny, Billy Higgins & Christian McBride, Boulder, CO SBD, A, 2CDR
- 11/11/93, with Pat Metheny, Billy Higgins & Christian McBride, Tourcoing, France, SBD, A 2CDR
- 11/15/93, with Pat Metheny, Billy Higgins & Christian McBride, Nice, France, FM, A 2CDR

- 02/1982, "File Under Kudzu", Friday's, Greensboro, NC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/09/83, "Rising", Toronto, Canada, FM, A 1CDR
- 07/07/84, "Ballroom Dancing", Chicago, IL, with filler from SNL '94 & Scotland '90, 70 Min, SBD, A CDR
- 10/29/85, "These Days", Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, PRE-FM, A 1CDR
- 07/29/95, "Welcome To The Freak Show", Milton Keynes Stadium, London, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 10/25/98, BBC Radio Live, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1998 (?), "By Invitation Only", includes material through the "UP" album, venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

(Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola & Lenny White)
- 1972, Tivoli, Copenhagen, FM, A- 1CDR (acoustic line-up incl. Joe Farrell & Airto)
- 09/1972, Pori Jazz Festival, Finland, SBD, A- 1CDR (acoustic line-up incl. Joe Farrell & Airto)
- 1973, Omega Studios, Chicago, IL, FM, A- 1CDR
- 1974, New York, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1975, Odessey, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/18/75, Blue Room Ballroom, Elgin, IL, FM, A 1CDR
- 11/22/75, Calderone Concert Hall, Hampstead, NY, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1976, Old Grey Whistle Test, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1976, Wallingford, CT, SBD, A, 1CDR

see also David Grisman
- 09/17/85, KFC Bluegrass Festival, Louisville, KY, SBD, A 1CDR, also includes sets by Newgrass Revival and others
- 1986, Myrtle Beach, SC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 01/23/88, "Tony Rice All-Star Concert", From The Birchmere, SBD A 3CDR
- 09/20/91, "Dr. B's Backyard", SBD, A+, 1CDR
- 03/20/94, Sommerville Theater, Sommerville, MA, SBD A- (very good sound but recorded at really low levels), 2CDR
- 01/08/96, with John Carlini, McKee Residence, Cashiers, NC, SBD, A++ 1CDR one of the best
- 07/27/96, Location and venue unknown, SBD A
- 03/28/98, "Out Of The Woodwork" with Larry Rice, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen, Fred Travers, Rickie and Ronnie Simpkins, Spirit Of The Suwanee Festival, Live Oak, FL, SBD A+

- 1977, "Unknown Dreams", solo studio sessions, no location listed, just Keith on Piano and vocals doing cover versions, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 2001, The Baked Potato, LA, CA, AUD, A 2CDR

(Jean-Luc Ponty, Al DiMeola & Stanley Clarke)
- 07/09/94, "North Sea Jazz Festival", SBD, A, 1CDR

- 1984, Rit Special, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1985, with Dave Grusin, Live At The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1989, Live At the Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, CA SBD, A 2CDR

- 08/27/79, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Central Park, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1963-1966, "Definitive Demos 1963-1966", STUDIO, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1962-1989, "Hot Stuff: 1962-1989", nice collection but not the best sources of material, some hiss, sounds like it was converted from audiotapes a few too many generations from the sources, STUDIO, B to A-, 4CDR
- 1964-1969, "Mad Shadows", Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1964-65, "Beat Beat At The Beeb", BBC Sessions, London, STUDIO/SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 1964-1965, "The Chess Sessions", studio outtakes, etc, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- 1960's-1971, "Klein's Revenge: The Allen Klein Collection", mostly alternate Metamorphosis album tracks with some other outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1960's-1970's, Black Box, STUDIO/SBD, A 3CDR
- 1960's "Between The Buttons" mono mix, with bonus cuts in sterling mono, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- 1960's, "Stereophonic Stones", collection of stereophonic mixes of Rolling Stones songs originally recorded in mono, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- 1967-70, RSVP, Beggar's Banquet outtakes, excellent sound quality, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1967-68, "Sympathy For The Devil/Beggar's Banquet Outtakes", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1969, "The Trident Mixes", with Nicky Hopkins, great stuff, STUDIO, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1969-1973, "Time Trip 1969-1973 Vol 2", Studio Outtakes from sessions for Let It Bleed through It's Only Rock & Roll, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR
- 1970's, "Static In The Attic", collection of unreleased material, alts etc., STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1970-79, "Lonely At The Top", nice collection of unreleased material from the 1970's, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1972, "Tropical Disease", Exile On Main Street Demos, STUDIO A 1CDR
- 1972-79, "Could You Walk On The Water" compilation of unreleased studio material, STUDIO, sound varies from A to C, 1CDR
- 1974, "It's Only Rock & Roll Outtakes", STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR
- 08/16/77, "Half Stoned", with John Phillips, unreleased Phillips studio album, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1978, "Some Girls Sessions", collection of mostly unreleased songs from the Some Girls album sessions, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR
- 1978, Harder They Come Sessions, RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1978, "Pearls Before Swine", selections from the Woodstock Tour Rehearsals, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- ??/??/??, "Acoustic Motherfuckers", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1970's-1980, Tattoo You Alternates, STUDIO, A to B, 2CDR
- 1986, Dirty Work Outtakes, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR

- 11/06/69, Liv'r Than You'll Ever Be - 30th Anniversary Edition, Oakland, CA, 20bit remaster of the classic, AUD, A 1CDR
- 03/13/71, "Live At Leeds", Leeds University, Leeds, UK, SBD, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 06/24/72, "Ft. Worth Express", Tarant County Convention Center, Ft. Worth, TX, Late Show, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/20/72, "Keep Your Motor Running", Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A/A- 1CDR
- 07/24-26/72, "Happy Birthday Mick", MSG, NYC, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 10/17/73, "Brussels Affair", Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, SBD A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1974, "Headed For An Overload", Both King Biscuit Flower Hour Shows, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR
- 1974, Kentucky, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1975, "Whores, Cocaine & A Bottle Of Jack", the complete LA Forum shows (four nights), AUD, A- 8CDR
- 06/04/76, "Exil Aux Abbators", Pavilion, Paris, France, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 06/28 - 07/19/78, "Handsome Girls", compilation of great sounding live shows at Memphis, Lexington, Detroit, Ft. Worth & Houston, SBD A 4CDR
- 11/22/81, Sitting In With Muddy Waters, Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago, IL, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 1981, "Les Glimmer Twins Grand Finale", location and venue unlisted, FM, A 1CDR
- 07/17/82, "Shattered In Europe", Stadio San Palo, Naples, Italy, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1969, Rock And Roll Circus, with Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, John & Yoko with Eric Clapton (aka Dirty Mac), and others, 1 VCD, A PRO
- 1969, "Gimme Shelter", documentary of Altamonte concert with Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, etc, 2 VCD, A PRO

- 07/07/73, "I Believe In You", with Skunk Baxter on Pedal Steel and Jim Hodder from Steely Dan on drums, PRE-FM SBD, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 1974, My Father's Place, Long Island, NY, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 1975, "Take Two Before Bedtime", Berkeley, CA, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 09/1976, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Universal Amptitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, 1CDR
- 02/1979, Budokan, Tokyo, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1979, BBC Live, unknown location, PRE-FM SBD, A, CDR
- 1980, "King Biscuit Flower Hour", unknown location, PRE-FM SBD, A, CDR
- 06/2001, Dortmund, Germany, FM, A 1CDR

- 07/1991, Quartet, Munchen, Germany, TV/SBD, A- 1CDR
- 07/1998, Trio, Munchen, Germany, TV/SBD, A 1CDR

- 05/21/87, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands, with additional material from 1985, The Ritz, NYC, SBD, B+ 1CDR

- 08/28/72, Long Beach, CA, SBD, A 2CDR

- 08/08/01, "Lovers Rock Toronto", Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, AUD, A 2CDR

see also Marcus Miller and Eric Clapton
- 06/1986, Baden Baden, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/1986, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/11/86, Montreux, Switzerland, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 07/13/88, Montreux, Switzerland, with additional material from 07/1990 Montreux SBD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 01/08/92, "The Concert", Hitomi-Kinen Hall, Japan, AUD, A 2CDR
- 1996, North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 1999, "Live In The Hague", Amsterdam, the Netherlands, A, 1CDR
- 07/21/00, Vittoria, SBD, A 1CDR

see also Sting and Bruce Springsteen
- 1975, Atwood Hall, Clarke University, Worcester, MASS, FM, A- 1CDR
- 1976, My Father's Place, Long Island, NY, SBD, A 1CDR

See also Dave Matthews Band and Milton Nascimento
- 04/12/70, The Fillmore East, NYC, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1971, Studio Outtakes during sessions for the third album, Columbia Studios, San Francisco, CA, STUDIO, A- 2CDR
- 1971, "Summer 1971", Casino De Montreux, Montreux Switzerland, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 07/04/71, Closing Night At The Fillmore West, SF, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1972, Caravanserai Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A/A- 2CDR
- 11/11/72, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany, AUD, B+ 1CDR
- 10/15/72, The Edmonton Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 12/3/72, Amsterdam, Holland, SBD A 2CDR
- 06/05/73, Uyoto Uaikan, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/1973, "Fayetteville, NC", SBD A- 2CDR
- 09/04/73, Santa Monica, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 10/19/73, Sao Paulo, Brazil, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 12/31/73, Winterland, San Francisco, CA SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 1974, Balboa Stadium, San Diego, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/18/74, The Alladin Theater, Las Vegas, NV SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/20/74, Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/24/74, State College, Las Cruces, NM, FM, A- 1CDR
- 10/14/74, The Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1975, Ypsilanti, Michigan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/23/75, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/12/75, The Beacon Theater, NYC, part of the "Three Nights At The Beacon" set (see Various Artists for additional information, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/10/76, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, SBD, A 2CDR
- 12/16/76, Carnival, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR (possibly incorrect date and venue info)
- 12/07/77, Osaka, Japan, AUD, A 2CDR (possibly incorrect date and venue info)
- 04/07/80, "Afficianados", Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/20/80, with Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Alphonse Mouzon, Jon Lucien & others, Berkeley Jazz Fest, Berkeley, CA, AUD A 2CDR absolutely killer show, highly recommended - one of the best
- 02/21/81, Radio Concert, Santa Cruz Civic Center, Santa Cruz, CA, SBD, A/A- 1CDR
- 07/04/81, Cape Cod, MA, PRE-FM SBD, A- 1CDR
- 07/26/81, with Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter and Tony Williams, Live Under Sky, Japan, SBD, A 2CDR
- 08/02/81, Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan, with Neal Schon & Takanaka, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/04/82, The US Festival, Ontario, CA, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 07/10/83, NHK Hall, Tokyo,
- 07/16/83, Nippon Budokan, Nippon, Japan, with Sadao Watanabe, SBD A+ 2CDR
- 06/01/85, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, SBD, A+ 2CDR
- 1986, "Lotus Gem, live in Japan with Jeff Beck & Steve Lukather, SBD, A, 2CD
- 1987, "Viva Percussion", with Buddy Miles, Germany, SBD A 1CDR
- 04/19/88, "20th Anniversary Reunion Show" featuring original members, Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL, SBD, A+ CDR - one of the best
- 08/04/90, Electric Ladyland Studios, NYC, STUDIO, A- 1CDR
- 05/21/91, Budokan, Tokyo (listed as "Tokyo 1990"), SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/28/91, Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, SBD A 2CDR
- 1992, Budokan, Japan with Sadao Watanabe, SBD, A 2CDR (possibly incorrect date)
- 03/22/92, Bullring By Sea, Tijuana, Mexico, SBD A 1CDR
- 07/04/93, Montreux, Switzerland, with guests Joe Sample and Todd Rundgren, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/14/94, "Live At Woodstock '94 South Stage", Saugerties, NY, with guests Eric Gales & Janie Hendrix, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 1996, Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy, with guests Robben Ford and Paolo Rustichelli, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 07/21/96, "Dance Alive", Stuttgart, SBD, A CDR
- 06/21/98, Freilichtbuhne St. Goarshausen, Lorely, Germany, SBD, A 2CDR with Dave Matthews Band on several songs
- 07/24/99, Westwood One Superstar Concert Series (with ads), date is broadcast date, material is from earlier period to early-80's, SBD, 2CDR, A+ possibly Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1976
- 01/24/00 & 01/31/00, Spanish TV Appearances, Spain, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/08/00, Pasadena Civic Center Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, SBD A+ 1CDR
- 04/23/00, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1973, NYC, Session outtakes from the "Love Devotion & Surrender" album, STUDIO, A 2CDR

- 06/15/88, The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 2CDR If you need just one of these this is probably the best one, though they're all great. - one of the best
- 06/24/88, Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, SBD, B/B-, 3CDR
- 07/01/88, Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 07/10/88, North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/14/88, Montreux Jazz Festival, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/18/88, Gasteig Philharmonic Hall, Munich, Germany, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/22/88, Pinede Gould, Antibes, France, SBD, A-, 2CDR
- 07/24/88, Pallacio Desportes, San Sebastion, Spain, FM, A/A- 2CDR
- 07/26/88, Pueblo Espanol, Barcelona, Spain, SBD, A 3CDR

- 19XX, King Biscuit Flower Hour, half of show, other half is Pablo Cruise 1975,

- 1976, "Jump Street Jive", venue and location unknown, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 05/06/90, with Robben Ford, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, NO, La, SBD, A, 1CD - one of the best
- 1997, Connecticut, SBD, A 1CDR

see also Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock
- 10/07/87, feat. Dennis Chambers, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/07/87, Blue Matter Tour, Denmark, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/10/88, w/ Jim Beard, Dennis Chambers & Gary Grainger, Hamburg, SBD, A+ CDR
- 02/28/97, with the Umo Jazz Orchestra, Helsinki, Finland, FM, A, 1CDR
- 05/30/98, with Larry Goldings, Steve Logan & Bill Stewart, All Good Music Festival, Brandywine, MD, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 07/11/98, with MMW, Den Haag, Der Nederlands, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 07/08/98, with MMW, Berlin, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/13/98, with MMW, venue unknown, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 09/19/98, with Medeski, Stubblefield & Wood, Irving Plaza, NYC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 12/02/98, Trio with Steve Swallow (B) & Bill Stewart (D), Iridium, NYC, FM, A 1CDR
- 03/01/01, "Bump" band with Avi Bortnick (G), Jesse Murphy (B), & Adam Deitch (D), Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC, SBD, A 2CDR

- 03/22/77, Philadelphia, PA, PRE-FM SBD, A- 1CDR
- 02/1978, Park West, Chicago, FM, A 1CDR

- 1999, "Live At The Hard Rock Cafe" SBD, A 1CDR

- 1973, Carnegie Hall, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR

1998 - "Santaland Diaries", read by the author, STUDIO, A 1CDR
2000 - "One Day Me Talk Pretty", read by the author, even funnier than the book is hearing Sedaris read it aloud, performing the characters in different voices, STUDIO, A 5 CDR

- 07/22/98, Live At The Roxy, Boston, MA, SBD, A 2CDR

See also Weather Report, Santana, & Milton Nascimento
- 12/16/89, with Stanley Clarke and Lenny White, NYC,
- 11/1995, Royal Festival Hall, London, with David Gilmore (G), Jim Beard (P), Alphonso Johnson (B), & Rodney Holmes (D), FM, A 1CDR
- 07/13/96, Copenhagen, Denmark, same personnel as 11/95 London show, FM, A 1CDR
- 07/14/01, with Patitucci, Perez & Blade, Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy, FM, A 1CDR

- 07/08/86, "The Right Thing", Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A, 1CD
- 1992, "U.S.A. 1992", Location Unlisted, SBD, A+, 1CD
- 09/1998, "Live At The Lyceum", the Lyceum Theatre, London, UK, SBD, A, 2CDR

- 1970's-90's, "Twenty Years of Television", very enjoyable compilation of TV appearances with George Harrison on a couple of tunes, mostly SNL, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1973, "Simply Simon", Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/13/87, "Homeless Children's Medical Benefit", Madison Square Garden, NYC with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Lou Reed, James Taylor, Dion, Debbie Harry, Grace Jones, Ruben Blades, Lorne Michaels, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Chevy Chase, Jon Lovitz, Bill Cosby, Paul Schaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band, Laurie Anderson, Chaka Khan, Whoopi Goldberg, & more, SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/10/91, Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1992, "Late In The Evening", USA Tour, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/04/92, Complete MTV Unplugged Session, NYC, SBD, A+ 2CDR
- 1997, "VH-1 Storytellers", SBD, A 1CDR
- 2000, Paris, France, SBD, A 2CDR

- 08/22/83, Vancouver, BC, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1962, with Jobim, high quality outtakes and unreleased songs from studio sessions, STUDIO, A, 1CD
- 10/30/62, Rat Pack, "TKO Version," venue unknown, SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/06/63, Rat Pack, "Indian Summer" with the rest of the gang, The Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, SBD, A 1CDR

- 09/01/69, The Fillmore East, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1970, Amsterdam, SBD, A-, 1CDR
- 11/09/74, Hoch Auditorium, Lawrence, KS, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1993, "Spaceboy", mostly acoustic show from Amsterdam, SBD, A, 1CD
- 09/15/93, BBC In Concert, Manchester, UK, FM, A 1CDR
- 1994, "Pumpkinhead", NYC, SBD, A, 1CD
- 04/07/96, venue and location unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 01/30/76, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 10/3/76, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, PRE-FM SBD A 1CDR
- 5/9/78, A Heavy Rock & Roll, Eugene, OR with additional material from 5/12/78, Santa Monica, CA, SBD, A 2CDR

- 08/26/86, "Thank Your Lucky Stars", Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR - one of the best

- 1997, Acoustic Radio Sessions, location unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/07/00, House Of Blues, Chicago, IL, with DJ Logic, very groovy, AUD, A 1CDR

- 10/30/74, Ebbett's Field, Denver, CO, SBD A 1CDR
- 1980, The Golden Bear, CA, SBD A 1CDR
- 1993, KFPK - FM Broadcast, LA, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/01/95, P&G Pavilion, Cincinnati, Ohio, SBD A 1CDR

- 03/09/74, "The Lost Radio Show", from the KLOL- FM Studios in Houston, TX, Bruce with Clarence on sax, a brass player, and some background vocals, really unique laid back set with interview after the performance, PRE-FM SBD, A, 1CD
- 02/05/75, "The Saint, The Incident And The Main Point Shuffle", The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1975+, B-Side Collection, compilation of b-side songs, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 03-07/1975, "War & Roses", Outtakes from the Born To Run sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 11/04/76, The Palladium, NYC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1978-1980, "Definitive River Outtakes", STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 06/1981, The Ritz, NYC, King Biscuit Flower Hour, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/19/85, "Rockpalast", Essen, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR (fades in about ten seconds into the first song)
- Rarities & Outtakes, Volumes 1-5, collection of studio outtakes, demos and other rarities, SBD, A to B, 5CDR

- 07/1973, "Ringo Again", Outtakes and alternates from the Ringo album, STUDIO, A 2CDR
- 07/24/73, "With A Little Help From John, Paul & George", Sunset Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Mixing session from the "Ringo" album, excellent sound but lots of starts and stops, A 1CD
- 1980, "Can't Fight Lightning", comprising material from various sessions with Paul & Linda McCartney (Super Bear Studios, France, July 11-21), Steven Stills (August 11-12), Ron Wood (September 23, Cherokee Studios) a couple of things produced by Harry Nilsson, and George Harrison and Ray Cooper (November 19-25, Friar Park Studios). Some of this material eventually was released in different form on several other albums. STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1980's, "The Unreleased Memphis Album", the so-called "Memphis Album" with producer Chips Moman at the helm of a thoroughly inebriated crew of musicians, STUDIO, A- 1CDR

- 1981, Toronto, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1985, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA with Stevie Wonder, SBD, A- 2CDR

- 1973, WNEW-FM Studios, NYC, PRE-FM SBD, B, 1CDR
- 03/09-10/1974, "Metal Leg" Comp of San Diego, CA 3/9/74 & Irvine, CA 3/10/74, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 03/09/74, Sopwith Camel, Glendale, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/10/74, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/20/74, "Reeling Through The Years", The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A+, 1CD - one of the best
- 04/18/74, Boston, MA, AUD, B, 1CDR
- 04/30/74, "Memphis Blues Again", Memphis, TN, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 1974, Seattle, Wa, SBD, A-/B 1CDR
- 1974, "Bent Over Backwards", Katy Lied Outtakes, STUDIO, A-, 1CDR
- 1977, Robert Klein Radio Show complete interview with Becker and Fagen, A 1CDR
- 1979, Gaucho Outtakes, expanded remastered version contains demos and four unreleased songs, STUDIO, A-, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1991-1993, Compilation of Steely Dan songs from a couple of Fagen's NYR&SR shows, both AUD and SBD, A - B, 1CDR
- 1991-1993, "New York Nights", Compilation of Steely Dan songs from Fagen gigs, with Pat Metheny on two songs!, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1993, Donald Fagen: Words & Music M&I Promo disc for "Kamikiriad", STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- 09/01/93, "Doing It Live, St. Louis, MO, SBD, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 1994, Walter Becker: Words & Music M&I Promo disc for "11 Tracks of Whack", STUDIO, A, 1CD
- 09/17/94, Irvine, CA Excellent Soundboard, A++, 2CDR's - one of the best
- 07/11/94, The Gorge, Washington, AUD, A/A- 2CDR
- 1995, "The Album Network Promoting Alive In America", NYC, PRE-FM SBD A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 07/21/96, Manassas, VA, SBD, A, 2CDR - one of the best
- 08/17/96, The Gorge, Washington, AUD, A 2CDR's
- 2000, Steely Dan: Words & Music M&I Promo disc for "Two Against Nature", STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- 01/28/00, "Doing It Again", Sony Music Studios, New York City, NY, AUD, 2CDR, A
-02/2000, VH1 Storytellers, with filler from Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction concert, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/24-27/00, SFX Radio Premiere of Two Against Nature, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/26/2000 & 03/04/2000, "Reelin' In The Years: The Steely Dan Story", two hour BBC Interview and documentary, very well done, PRE-FM SBD, A+, 120 min, 2CDR - one of the best
- 05/14/00, First show from Y2K Tour The International Forum, Japan, from AUD, 1CDR, A/A-
- 05/16/00, Osaka, Japan, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 06/09/00, San Diego, CA, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 06/17/00, Mountain View, CA, according to someone who met with them after the show several of the band members considered this to be one of the best performances of the Y2K tour, AUD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 06/18/00, Sacramento, CA, Guitarist John Herrington seems especially good on this one, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 06/21/00, Fiddler's Green, Englewood, CO, AUD, 2CDR, A/A-
- 06/24/00, Chicago, IL, AUD, 2CDR, A/A-
- 07/02/00, Pittsburgh, PA, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 07/03/00, Jones Beach, Wantagh, New York, AUD, 2CDR, A/A-
- 07/07/00, PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey, AUD, 2CDR A/A-
- 07/15/00, Mansfield, MA, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 08/30/00, Hartwell Areena, Helsinki, Finland, AUD, A/A-, 2CDR
- 09/08/00, Birmingham NEC Arena, AUD, A, 1CDR

- Naked Lunch - 09/24/98, Club Da Da, Dallas, TX, SBD A 2CDR
- Beau Bolero - Date & Venue unknown, this is the one often mistakenly listed as Steely Dan practice session for 1980's reunion tour.
- 2001, Berkeley School of Music Honorary Doctorate Ceremony and Concert honoring Becker and Fagen , SBD, A 2CDR

- 1980's, "No Rights Given Or Implied", definitive collection of Steinski's early-80's remixes, all the very rare stuff, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 1980's, compilation of Double Dee & Steinski's Tommy Boy mixes along with some other similar Stuff. Steinski was the pioneer of sampling and these mixes are ultra-rare and very influential. They're also incredibly entertaining, amusing and fonn-keee. STUDIO A 1CDR

- 1996, "Spacy Double Spiral", BBC Studios, London, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 06/18/00, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A 1CDR

see also Jaco Pastorius
- 03/19/84, Sextet with Peter Erskine, Bob Berg, Tom Barney, Kenny Kirkland, & Marcus Miller, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1990,with Dennis Chambers, Bob Berg & Lincoln Goines, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A, 1CDR, Noteworthy for absolutely killer Dennis Chambers solo.
- 1994, Trio with Dave Weckl & Jeff Andrews, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1995, Trio with Dave Weckl & Jeff Andrews, Porto, Alegre, Brazil, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/10/95, Trio with Dave Weckl & Jeff Andrews, Jazzhaus, Frieburg, Germany, SBD, A 2CDR
- 11/17/96, Trio with J. Andrews & D. Weckl, Hamburg, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1998, with Morales & Goines, Amsterdam, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 08/12/98, Mike Stern-Bob Berg Band, with Dennis Chambers & Lincoln Goines, Tiger's Club, NYC, AUD, A 2CDR
- 04/20/01, NattJazz, Bergen, Germany, AUD, A- 2CDR

- 1971, "On The Road To Find Out", Los Angeles & Other Locations, SBD, A-/B 1CDR
- 10/25/72, Tampa, FL, AUD, B 1CDR
- 10/1973, Aquarius Theater, Boston, MA, SBD B/B-, 1CDR
- 06/22/74, "Hard Headed Woman", Tokyo, SBD, A, 1CDR

- 1972, Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1972, Atlanta, 1CDR
- 03/22/72, Concertgebow, Amsterdam, Holland, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 04/21/72, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1CDR
- 11/16/72, BBC Broadcast (venue and location unknown) with filler from Pirate's World, Dania, FL, 1971, FM, B+ 1CDR

STILLS-YOUNG BAND (Stephen Stills & Neil Young)
06/12/76, Springfield, MA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1985, Un Abrazo A La Esperanza, Santiago, Chile, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 09/10/85, Blossom Music Center, Akron, OH , SBD, A, 2CDR - one of the best
- 11/27/85, Eppenheim, Germany, with additional material from 12/23/85 Paris, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 07/11/87, "Last Session: With Gil Evans Orchestra", Perugia Jazz Festival, Italy, SBD, A, 1CD
- 12/11/87, "Englishman In The South", River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 05/06/88, Verona, Italy, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/1988, Live In Paris, PRE-FM SBD, A- 1CDR
- 199X, Glasgow, Scotland, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- 1991, When Angels Cry, Rehearsals for MTV Unplugged, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1991, MTV Unplugged, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1991-93, "Sting Live In Chicago" excellent semi-acoustic material from the Timothy White Sessions, with David Sancious & Vinnie C., STUDIO, A+, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1991, Soul Cages Demos, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1991, "Natural Acoustic", Live In The USA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1991, Montreux, Switzerland, Semi-Acoustic live performance, similar in style to the Timothy White sessions, SBD, A+, 2CDR
- 1991, "Acoustic Live In Newcastle", UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/30/91, Wembley Stadium, London, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1993, 22 Summoner's Tales, Spektrum, Oslo, Norway, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 03/16/93, Ahoy Club, Rotterdam, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/16/93, Ain't No Sunshine, Los Angeles, CA, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 08/21/93, Hildersheim, Germany, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1994, Westwood One Superstar Concert Series, contains entire program on two discs. PRE-FM SBD, A, 2CDR
- 02/14/94, Arigato, Miyazaki, Japan with additional material from 10/31/94 @ New Jersey, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/20/94, Like A Bee, USF Sun Dome, Tampa, FL, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 02/26/94, Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1996, "Union Is Strength", compilation of TV performances from February to April, 1996, Excellent, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/24/94, 06/08/96, FLEADH, Finsbury Park, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/15/96, "Storytellers", Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 09/1996, "A Perfect Night In Houston", final date of "Mercury Falling" tour, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 1985 - 1996, "Rarities", compilation of b-sides and hard to find STUDIO material, STUDIO, A, 1CDR
- 1985-1999, "Rare STUDIO Tracks" compilation of b-sides, charity album songs, and guest appearances on other artists projects, STUDIO A+ 3CDR
- 10/23/99, "Live At The Hollywood Bowl", Los Angeles, California, SBD, A, 2CDR
10/31/99, "The Reasons of the Heart", Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/12/00, Central Park, NYC, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR
- 01/16/01, Buenos Aires, Argentina, SBD (from Satellite TV), A+ 2CDR
- 1980's-1990's, Sting At The Movies, compilation of songs from various soundtracks, STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- 1990's, Five Live, Japanese import, venue and date unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 2001, The Astoria, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/2001, "Live On The Wireless", Sydney, Australia, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/12/02, "All Together It Went Well", Osaka, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/30/84, In Japan With Tracy, Tokyo with Tracy Young (UK Pop Singer), SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/12/85, Yokohama Stadium, Japan, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 10/29/01, Trio with Darryl Jones & Dennis Chambers, Max's, Amsterdam, Holland, SBD, A 2CDR

- 09/27/97, Cat's Cradle, Carborro, NC, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 01/23/83, Munich, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

02/13/71, The Fillmore East, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/03/77, The Old Waldorf Theatre, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/08/78, "Memories Can't Wait", Boston, MA, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 09/29/79, The Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1980, Chicago, AUD, B- 1CDR
- 02/11/80, Amsterdam, Holland, with filler: 07/04/82 venue and location unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1981, venue unknown, AUD, B- 1CDR
- 1981, "The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads", discontinued official live album, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1983, Athens, GA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 08/05/83, The Saratoga Arts Center, Saratoga, NY, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1975-79, "Gimme Heads" Compilation of very early material and various period live and demos, sound ranges from A- to B--, multiple sources, 1CDR

- 1974, "He's Got A Friend Named Joni", with Joni Mitchell on two songs, venue unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, Carnegie Hall, NYC, with Carly Simon, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/15/99, Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, SBD, A 2CDR
- VH-1 Storytellers, date unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

07/22/00, Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR, SBD, A 2CDR
11/26/00, The Knitting Factory, LA (?), DSBD, A 1CDR
09/28/01, Higher Ground, Winosski, VT, DSBD, A+ 1CDR

05/27/76, Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL, FM, A, 1CDR
11/1981, BBC In Concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, SBD, A 1CDR

- 08/13/94, Cats Cradle, North Carolina, SBD, A 2CDR
- 09/28/96, Valley View, Aptos, CA, KPIG-FM Broadcast, FM, A 1CDR
- 06/22/97, Fetzer Vineyards, Hopland, CA with filler from rare cd singles, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best

- 1980, "Rafferty's Folly", Studio Outtakes from unreleased Gerry Rafferty production of "Shoot Out The Lights" sessions, very interesting how much different the material sounds here. STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 1975, Soundstage, Chicago, IL with filler 1972 Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 01/01/01, "Essential Mix 2000", Cream, Liverpool, UK, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR

- 1987, Gothenberg, SBD, A/A- 1CDR
- 1993, Live - In Memorium, venue unknown, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1992, Toto & Friends: Tribute To Jeff Porcaro, featuring guest performances by Boz Scaggs, Donald Fagen & Denny Dias from Steely Dan, SBD, A+ 2CDR
- 1996, TAMBU Tour, Sweden, SBD, A 2CDR

- 1971, You Got The Funk Tour, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, Santa Monica, CA, PRE-FM SBD, A-, 1CDR
- 05/1974, Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY, PRE-FM SBD, A, 2CDR - one of the best
- 11/09/74, Hoch AUDitorium, Lawerence, KA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 12/31/74, New Year's Eve Show, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR note: all of these 1974 shows feature their best line up with Lenny Williams on vocals. The New Years Eve show includes the funkiest version of "Auld Lang Syne" I've ever heard. - one of the best
- 1975, The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A, 1 CDR
- 1976, Sacramento, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/16/86, Hartford, CT, AUD, A 2CDR
- 1989, Toads Place, Long Island, NY, SBD A- 1CDR
- 1998, Ohne Extra Filter, Germany, SBD/Broadcast A 1CDR

- 1960s-1970s, "Odds 'N' Sods Volume II", collection of unreleased studio material and demos, STUDIOS, A 1CDR
- 08/15/98, "A Day In The Garden", Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY, SBD, A 2CDR
- 2000, Storytellers, NY, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1970's, "Wet Dreams Of Mr. Fantasy", compilation of rare true stereo mixes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 11/23/70, The Fillmore East, NYC with filler from London, 1972, SBD A 1CDR
- 1971, BBC Concert, PRE-FM SBD A/A-, 1CDR
- 1971, "Low Spark of High Heeled Sessions", Olympic Studios, London, UK, STUDIO
Outtakes, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 1972, Santa Monica, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/05/73, "Empty Pages", London, SBD A 1CDR
- 1970's, "The Deluxe BBC Files", compilation of various BBC recordings from high quality source, STUDIO/SBD, A 1CDR

- 198X-199X, "The Complete Collection", STUDIO, sound ranges from A to B-, 2CDR

- 04/21/94, Koelin, Germany, SBD, 1CDR, A
- 1997, with Virgil Donati, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, AUD, A 1CDR
- 03/22/98, Amsterdam, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 04/18/99, Staadtgarten, SBD, A, 2CDR
- 02/11/00, Ponderano, Italy, SBD, A 2CDR

1975, "Too Rolling Stoned", London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR

- 01/09/82, BBC Live, London, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1982, Hammersmith, Odeon, London, UK, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1982, Nijmegen, Holland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, Dominion Theatre, London, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1986, Brighton, UK, SBD, A 1CDR (also got this one listed as 1985 so who knows?)
- 1989, Birmingham, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/14/99, Brixton Academy, BBC Radio Broadcast, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 05/06/83, "The Complete Boston Tapes", The Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR with filler from 10/14/80, KRO Studios, Hilversum, Holland
- 1985, Chicago, SBD A 1CDR
- 1987, Rotterdam, SBD A 1CDR
- 1989, Osaka, Japan, SBD, A 1CDR
- 12/05/00, Irving Plaza, NYC, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 06/09/01, Elevation Tour, Boston, MA, AUD, A 2CDR - one of the best

- 1991, "Salome", demos, rehearsals and outtakes from the "Achtung Baby" sessions, STUDIO, A+ 3CDR
- 199X, "Achtung Baby Working Tapes", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 199X, "Studio Covers", the name says it all, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 199X, "Covering Them", another covers compilation, SBD, AUD and STUDIO, sound ranges from A to B, 1CDR
- 199X, "This Ain't No Swap Meet: A Clearance From The Aisles of Pop Mart" Very nice collection of rare and hard to find b-sides, charity album songs, guest appearances on other groups' albums, etc., STUDIO, A+ 1CDR
- 199X, "Unreleased Album", unreleased STUDIO material, STUDIO, A
- 199X, "The Working Tapes, unreleased STUDIO material, STUDIO, A

- "Kiwi", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Mango", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Melon", STUDIO, A 1CDR

03/20/99, "Tilburg '99", 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/08/67, Sweet Soul Music Volume 2, with Otis Redding, Booker T & The MG's, The Mar-Keys, Sam & Dave, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1969, Texas Pop Festival, with Grand Funk, Incredible String Band, Santana, Sweetwater, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Tony Joe White, Herbie Mann, Canned Heat, Lou Mitchel, and Sam & Dave, SBD, A- 3CDR
- 04/11-13/75, "Three Nights At The Beacon", with separate sets by Santana, Steve Miller Band, and Chicago, The Beacon Theater, NYC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1983, The Arms Concert, with Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Lane & Steve Winwood, SBD A 2CDR
- 05/04/87, Steve Wynn, Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Natalie Merchant, McCabe's, Santa Monica, CA, 1CDR
- 05/06/01, SUPERJAM, with Carter Beauford (Dr), John Medeski (Kbd), Meshell Ndegeocello (B), Joshua Redman (S) and Marc Ribot (G), New Orleans, LA, SBD, 2CDR A

see also David Bowie
- 08/03/79, "Going To San Antone", San Antonio, TX, SBD, A 1CDR
- 10/14/81, Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX, - contains five more songs than official album, AUD, B 2CDR
- 1983, "Testify", Ripley's Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1983/86, "Austin City Missing Hearts", compilation of TV Appearances, Austin, TX, 70 Min, SBD, A+, CDR
- 1983, King Biscuit Flower Hour, with commercials, SBD, A+, 1CDR
- 11/83, CHCH Studios, Ontario, with Albert King, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1984, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Montreal, CA, with commercials, SBD, A+, 1CDR
- 11/24/84, "Out Of The Shadows", University of California, Davis, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1988, Daytona Beach, FL, SBD A 1CDR
- 06/1989, Live At Legends with Buddy Guy, Chicago, IL, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDRA
- 11/1989, "The Wild Man From Texas" compilation of Nov, 98 shows in Albuquerque, NM & Denver, CO, 65 Min, SBD, A, CDR
- 1980's, "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1", Studio Outtakes and unreleased songs, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1980's, "Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2", Studio Outtakes and unreleased songs from the "Touch The Sky" Sessions, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 03/2002, Exclusive Online Mix from the Masters At Work website, SBD, A+ 1CDR

- 1988 (?), "Little Big Woman", location and venue unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1993, "100 Farenheit Degrees In Montreux", Montreux, Switzerland, SBD A 1CDR
- 1993, "Short But Sweet", The Coach House, San Jauan Capistrano, CA, SBD, A 1CD
- 05/18/93, Zurich, Switzerland, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1996, El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 3/24/01, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 07/04/01, Sibelius Akatemia, Helsinki, Finland, AUD, A- 2CDR

- 04/26/77, Invitation To The Blues, Bremen, Germany, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 10/15/87, The Eugene O'Neil Theater, NYC, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 10/18/99, 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, WA, AUD, A- 2CDR

- 11/25/72, High Chapperel, Chicago, IL, SBD, A 1CDR

See also Jaco Pastorius
- 1987, Tokyo, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR

- 06/15/76, "Muddy Waters Day", Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/06/77, with Johnny Winter, The Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 10/18/77, CW Post College, Brookville, NY, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1978, featuring Johnny Winter, location and venue unlisted, SBD, A 1CDR - great stuff
- 11/22/81, "Live At The Checkerboard Lounge", with the Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy, and Junior Wells, SBD, A- 2CDR
- 03/28/81, with Johnny Winter, The Beacon Theater, NYC, SBD A 1CDR - one of the best

- 1990, "Bad In Baden-Baden", Ohne Filter, Baden-Baden, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 04/01/76, "Jaco's First WR Show", Ann Arbor, MI 90 Min, SBD, A-, 2CDR one of the best
- 04/24/76, Philadelphia, PA, 1CDR
- 05/30/76, Roxy, NYC, AUD, B, 1CDR
- 07/1976, Jazz A Juan, Juan les Pins, Antibes, France, AUD, B 1CDR
- 07/08/76, Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR one of the best
- 07/10/76, Kristianstad, Sweden, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/28-29,76, with John McLaughlin on the 29th, Hammersmith Odeon, 120 Min, AUD, B/B-, 2CDR
- 1976, "Live In Sweden", Krishanstad, Sweden, 72 Min, SBD, A/A- CDR
- 04/09/77, Royal Oak Theatre, Royal Oak, MI, AUD, A-, 2CDR
- 04/22/77, Berklee Performing Ctr, Boston, MA, AUD, 90 Min, A-/B+ CDR
- 05/05/77, Dade County Auditorium, Miami, FL, AUD, B, 2CDR
- 05/25/77, Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, AUD, A-/B, 2CDR
- 10/15/77, City Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, AUD, B 2CDR
- 1977, The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, 86 Min, AUD, B+/B, 2CDR
- 06/01/78, Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, SBD, A+/A CDR
- 06/26/78, Tokyo, Japan, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 06/28/78, Shinjuku, Japan, AUD, B+, 105 Min, 2CDR
- 09/29/79, Rockpalast, Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany, SBD, A+ 2CDR one of the best
- 10/1978, Copenhagen, Denmark, AUD, B+, 90 Min 2CDR
- 11/10/78, Philadelphia, PA, 90 Min, SBD, A+ 2CDR one of the best
- 11/12/78, Veteran's Auditorium, Providence, RI, 90 Min, 2CDR
- 11/28/78, Phoenix, AZ, 90 Min, SBD A++ 2CDR one of the best
- 05/26/79, The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 94 Min, A/A- 2CDR
- 06/17/79, The Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood, CA, 60 Min AUD B+
- 07/1979, Jazz A Juan, Juan les Pins, Antibes, France, AUD, B 2CDR
- 07/07/79, Hammersmith Odeon, London 90 Min AUD B 2CDR
- 07/17/79, Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, AUD, B 1CDR
- 11/1979, Detroit, MI Soundboard, 1CDR, A-
- 1979, "Havana Jam" aka "The Bay of Gigs", Havana, Cuba, 20 Min, SBD, A, CDR
- 01/23/80, "Live Passage", Boston, MA, 90 Min, AUD, A-, 2CDR
- 02/01/80, Beacon Theatre, NYC, 90 Min, AUD, A- 2CDR
- 02/24/80, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, AUD, A-, 2CDR
- 02/26/80, Santa Cruz, CA, AUD, 90 Min A-/B, 2CDR
- 10/23/80, Mestre, Italy, AUD B/B- 2CDR
- 10/25/80, Palalido, Milano, 130 Min, AUD, B, 2CDR
- 10/27/80, Palasport, Reggio Emilia, Italy, AUD 2CDR A/A- outstanding show -- great Audience recording considering the date.
- 10/31/80, Beogradshi, Poland, 40 Min, SBD, A- CDR
- 11/14/80, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, SBD, A++ 2CDR - one of the best
- 1980, Detroit, MI, AUD B, 2CDR
- 1980, Maui, Hawaii, AUD, 66 Min, A-, CDR
- 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 50 Min CDR
- 06/21/81, The Third Annual Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood, CA, AUD, B, 1CDR
- 06/28/81, Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, IL, (aka "Chicago"), 90 Min AUD A- 2CDR
- 07/01/81, Eastman Theatre, Rochester, NY, 120 Min, AUD, A 2CDR
- 07/11/81, "Live At The Opera House" Boston, MA, A 2CDR one of the best
- 07/29/83, with Zawinul, Shorter, Bailey, Hakim, Rossy, Tokyo, PRE-FM SBD A 2CDR No Jaco

- 1990's, "Rare Trax", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1992, "The Complete 1992 Demos", STUDIO, A- 1CDR

See also Style Council
- 1994, "Live Wood", Wolverhampton, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/1995, "Unplugged In The STUDIO", London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/1996, "A Man of Great Promise", London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/1999, "Heavy Soul", Dusseldorf, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

1995-1998, "Acoustic Radio Sessions", SBD, A 1CDR

- 1992, Swamp Snake Soul, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR

11/11/01, "Live At Peel Acres", Peel Sessions, BBC Radio One, London, UK, FM, A 1CDR

- 1965-1968, "Who's Zoo Too", Collection of Alternate Mixes, B-Sides & Live Rarities, STUDIO/SBD, A 1CDR
- 1968-1981, "Life With The Moons", Studio Outtakes, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1968, Tommy Demos, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 04/05/68, The Fillmore East, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/1969, Woodstock Festival, NY, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/02/69, "Winter-Time Trip", Washington, DC, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1971, "Lifehouse/Quadrophenia Demos", STUDIO, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 03/16-17/71, Record Plant Studios, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 04/1971, Young Vic Theater, London, UK, SBD, A/A-, 1CDR
- 12/06/73, King Biscuit Flower Hour Special Tribute,
- 1974, "Tales From The Who", San Francisco, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1976, "Who Put A Better Boot In 1976", No Venue listed, SBD, A, 1CDR
- 1978, "Music Must Change", Pete's demos for the "Who Are You?" album, STUDIO, A 1CDR
-??/??/??, "Who's Zoo Two", Compilation of unreleased studio material and rare b-sides, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 02/24/79, Shepperton Studios Tour Rehearsals, UK, SBD, A 1CDR
- 06/27/89, Radio City Music Hall, NYC, SBD, A 2CDR
- 08/24/89, location and venue unlisted, SBD, A 2CDR
- "It's Face Demos", Demos from Face Dances & It's Hard + Misc Other Rarities, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Who The Fuck", compilation of rarities, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- "Who's Lost", compilation of demos and outtakes, STUDIO, A 2CDR

07/02/99, Roskilde Festival, Denmark, FM, A 1CDR

- 2001, Compilation of "Essence" Tour, Various Sources - SBD, FM, AUD, Sound Ranges From A to B, 3CDR

- 06/27/78, Tony Williams Lifetime with Brian Auger, Ronnie Montrose, Marco Cippolina & Billy Cobham, Tokyo, SBD, A 1CDR

see also Tribal Tech
- 08/1999, Ibanez Clinic, Wilmington, DE, with Dave Fiuczynski (G) and Simon Phillips (D), AUD, A 2CDR
- 04/26/98, with Dennis Chambers, Brisbane, Australia, AUD, A- 1CDR

- 1973, Pittsburgh, PA, SBD, A 1CDR with filler Johnny Winter @ New Haven, CT 1973

See also Muddy Waters
- 06/1969, Montreux, Switzerland, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/01/71, Johnny Winter And, "Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo", Stockholm, Sweden, PRE-FM SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/10/73, Albino Kangaroo Soundcheck, Berkeley, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 03/06/77, with Muddy Waters, The Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, SBD, A+ 2CDR - one of the best
- 01/09/78, "Live At The Texas Opry House", Houston, TX, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/22/79, Rockpalast, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/1979, Woodstock 10th Anniversary Festival, New York, SBD, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 12/20/79, Victoria Palace, Hamburg, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1983, Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/1984, "Mid-Summer Blizzard", Montreux Jazz Festival, SBD, A 1CDR
- 05/18/90, "Barcelona Boogie", Palau D'Esports, Barcelona, Spain, SBD, A+ 1CDR - one of the best
- 12/1991, with Buddy Guy, "Living Legends", The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, SBD A 1CDR
- 12/03/91, Paradise Club, Boston, MA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1970, Talk Of The Town, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1972, LA Coliseum, LA, CA, SBD, A- 1CDR with intro by Keith Moon
- 1972, Stevie Was A Rolling Stone", NYC, From TV Broadcast, A-, 1CDR
- 03/04/73, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley,CA with filler from the 1974 London Rainbow Theatre show, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 07/04/73, Brighton Theatre, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 1974, The Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, SBD, A, 2CDR - one of the best
- 7/16/75, "Oh My God", Bremen, Germany, with filler from 1974 Finsbury Park, London, SBD, A 1CDR
- 08/24/80, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, with guest appearances by Teena Marie, Jermaine Jackson, and Betty Wright, very unique show, AUD, A- 3CDR
- 11/05/82, Budokan, Tokyo, FM, A 1CDR
- 12/18/83, Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, CA, AUD, A-, 3CDR,
- 1984, "Stevie Comes Home", Detroit, MI, FM, A- 1CDR
- 11/26/88, "Stevie's House", Atlanta, GA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/22/88, Pacific Ampitheater, Irvine, CA, SBD, A 2CDR
- 1995, Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan, contains several additional songs not on the commercial release, SBD A 2CDR

- 05/11/96, "Yo, Victor!", The Bottom Line, NYC, SBD, A 1CDR - one of the best
- 08/30/98, with Steve Bailey & Reggie Wooten, Magee's, Nashville, TN, AUD, 2CDR, A
- 07/24/99, with Steve Bailey, Jeff Coffin, Regi Wooten & Rico Watson, 12th & Porter, Nashville, AUD, A 2CDR
- 10/11/99, Late Show, Swindlefish Saloon, AUD A 3CDR

- 1978, Masque, LA, FM, with filler John Doe on Morning Becomes Eclectic, 1990's, FM, A 1CDR
- 1980, "Live At The Whiskey-A-Go-Go", Los Angeles, CA, AUD, C 1CDR Not a great sounding Audience recording but there aren't a lot of them around so it's worth it just to hear them live at this point in their development.
- 07/23/82, Location Unknown, SBD, A- 1CDR
- 11/27/82, The Roxy, LA, early and late shows, SBD, A 2CDR - one of the best
- 12/24/82, Country Club, Reseda, CA, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/12/83, My Father's Place, Roslyn, Long Island, NY, FM, A/A-, 1CDR
- 04/03/94, Early Set, McCabe's, Santa Monica, CA, 2CDR
- 04/03/94, Late Set, McCabe's, Santa Monica, CA, 2CDR
- 08/05/95, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/31/86, Live on WBCN-FM, Boston, MA, SBD A/A-, 2CDR

- 1970's, Demos #4, Helium Kids tracks and covers, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1982-1986, Demos #7, "Jules Verne's Sketchbook" collection, STUDIO, A- to B 1CDR
- 1984, Demos #5, "Big Express", Dukes Of The Stratosfear, and film soundtracks, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1986, Demos #6, "Skylarking" era, STUDIO, B 1CDR
- 1989, Demos #3, "Oranges And Lemons" era, STUDIO, B 1CDR
- 1992, Kings For A Day, Boston, MA, PRE-FM SBD A/A- 1CDR
- 1992, Demos #2, "Nonsuch Era", STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1990's, "Rejected Songs From The Apple Venus Sessions", some great songs not included on apple venus 1 & 2, STUDIO, A/A-, 1CDR - one of the best
- 1980's-90's, "Demos & Live", compilation of studio demos, unreleased songs and live performances (I didn't get a set list with it and it doesn't appear to be one of the widely released boots), STUDIO/SBD, A/A-, 1CDR

- 03/30/68, location and venue unknown, SBD, A- 1CDR

- 10/22/81, The Pub, Northridge, CA, with Robben Ford, AUD, A- 1CDR
- 02/1982, The Golden Bear, Los Angeles, CA, with Robben Ford, SBD, A 1CDR
- 02/21/82, St. Losaltos, CA, with Robben Ford, SBD, A 1CDR
- 07/18/96, Asti, Italy, with Ferrante, Mintzer, Haslip & Kennedy, SBD, A 1CDR
- 11/1997, Amsterdam, Holland, AUD, A 2CDR
- 2001, The Blue Note, Las Vegas, NV, with Vinnie Colaiuta, SBD, A 1CDR
- 04/17/02, Catalina, Hollywood, CA, with Ferrante, Mintzer, Haslip & Baylor, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/04/93, "Live In Paris", De Preference Cigale, Paris, SBD, A, 1CDR

- 1974, "Roundabout", Recorded Live In California During The 1974 World Tour,
- 06/17/76, Roosevelt Stadium, NJ, SBD, A 2CDR
- 06/19/76, Colt Park, Hartford, CT, AUD, B+ 2CDR
- ??/??/??, King Biscuit Flower Hour, date and location unknown, SBD, A 1CDR

- 1970's "Jewel Box 6", collection of hard-to-find tracks from throughout his career, A to B+, 1CDR
- 1970's, "Rarest Releases", collection of unreleased and rare tracks, STUDIO, A 1CDR
- 1970's - 1980's, "Rock N Roll Cowboy", collection of unreleased tracks, STUDIO, A 4CDR
- 01/1973, "Don't Be Denied", Time Fades Away Tour, Washington, DC, fade outs between songs, AUD, A 1CDR
- 1973-1974, "On The Beach/Time Fades Away", two of the six out-of-print albums and two of my all time favorites of his, great to hear them again, STUDIO + SBD, A 1CDR (TAO)
- 07/03/73, Ghent, Belgium, with Booker T. & The MG's, A 1CDR
- 1976, "Chrome Dreams", Unreleased Album, STUDIO, A 1CDR

- 03/11/97, with Poulson, Bona, Sery, Badrena, Cologne, Germany, PRE-FM SBD, A 2CDR
- 10/19/98, with Goudreau, Bailey, Covington & Badrena, Koln, Germany, SBD, A 1CDR

- 09/10/72, The Hollywood Bowl, LA, CA, AUD, B 1CDR
- 08/07/74, Culver City TV Studio, LA, CA, SBD, A 1CDR

- 12/08/76, VPRO Radio Studios, Hilversum, Holland, with Jackson Browne, SBD, A 1CDR

- 08/29/99, Willisav, with Zorn-Alto; John Medeski-Kbds; Marc Ribot-Guitar; K. Wolleson-Drums, SBD A

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